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  1. what type of currency is it. the one with silver color

  2. Congrats on finishing all of the HKO quests! I had that same feeling too when I finished "Pet Hunt 3".
  3. Congratulations on finishing all the quests on the US/Canada server! ^.^ It must have taken a lot of hard work to reach that achievement! Too bad I wasn't there to witness it...

    I think this would be a nice opportunity for a guild event?

    FluffyTail: Congratulations, Ana-chan! (o^.^o)b
  4. FluffyTail: Double you're welcome, Ana-chan-sama! (You said Double Arigato) *sleeps*

    Me: O.O So, Ashiko-chan has...awesome powers? Extinguishing fires just by glaring at it isn't what you see everyday... Well, she IS a Magical Pet! *refers to the guild name*
  5. FluffyTail: *has dark circles under her eyes* Ana-chan-sama! I finished cooking 10,000 bowls of ramen!

    Me: FluffyTail stayed up last night so she could finish cooking the ramen. As a result, she didn't get any sleep. ^.^'

    FluffyTail: *walks over to bed to sleep* Ganbatte, Ana-chan! Zzzzzzz... -_-

    Me: Hanana-chan is a famous chef? *gets out a camera and a microphone* Chef Hanana-chan! What kinds of foods do you usually cook? What is your favorite food? Etc,etc.

    I didn't know there was one word in Japanese for about 4 words in English! Interesting! O.O
  6. Comment on "Pet Hunt 3: Spinnow Card"

    Congrats on getting the Spinnow Card! Good luck on getting the Wooly Card! Hmm, seems like the monsters like ramen! FluffyTail, ready for some cooking? *rolls up sleeve*

    FluffyTail: The super kawaii FluffyTail-sama is always ready to cook ramen!

    Me: ...!

    FluffyTail: ?

    Me: I just suddenly realized that I can't cook...*looks at FluffyTail with puppy eyes* Please, FluffyTail? Can you cook ramen to help Ana-chan?

    FluffyTail: ...-_-'
  7. Well, I think I wrote like a few sentences today. Not a lot, but at least it's a start.
  8. Comment on "A HKO Tale":
    The chapter is interesting! O.O A cliffhanger? I can't wait to see how the pets and I will react! ^.^

    Non-comment stuff:

    Speaking of chapters, I should get writing soon, but unfortunately I might have stumbled upon ANOTHER (yes, another) writer's block. No, wait, I think it's just pure summer laziness...-_-'
    If it's just laziness, that means I have some ideas, but I just don't want to type them onto the screen.

    Ah, well, I'll just have to use that hammer (for getting rid of writer's block) on this laziness! Idk if it's gonna work though...
  9. I made an alt account by using the same username but a different domain. ^^
  10. I haven't seen the other players log in for some time. I can catch them on facebook if needed.
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I also run Mystery Place offline events here at the forum, so check out my thread. And I will hunt down pet cards for you! ^.^ More details about that are on my blog as well. I'm still fairly active in HKO, but not nearly as much as I used to be, because I'm in high school now so I'm very busy. You will still see me very often on SanrioTown though! I hope we can become friends, because like Hello Kitty says, you can never have too many! ♥
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