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  1. Woah... O.o I'm gonna try looking this person up on gop. I hope it's not an impersonator...
  2. Tomorrow. ^^
  3. Oh, I've heard of that anime. ^.^

    Okay, will check that.
  4. I watch it so fast I can barely absorb what I'm watching. XD Because I get so obsessed with it that I watch it whenever I possibly can.

    I can believe that.
  5. Okay, I'll go look there.

    I read the summary for Mirai Nikki on Wikipedia. It sounds pretty freaky... considering there are people trying to kill each other... O.O I never watch anything like that... All the animes I watch are cute and fluffy. ^.^
  6. Hm, never heard of that anime.

    Rabbits? Lol, I think they're a bit huge to be rabbits... What about the creatures?
  7. Oh yeah, it is kinda confusing to use that website for the first time...

    I like animes with no plot whatsoever. ^.^ Lol.

    Haha, ghost town... XD
  8. Seems most active members go by central. I can't remember off the top of my head or anything though.

    Woah, awesome friends you have! O.O That sounds like me... likes anime and fanfiction...
  9. Yeah, I know. I would assume it follows EST. It would be strange if it didn't... Yes, because NY is at the eastern coast.

    Yeah, HKO is seriously unpopulated. I'm keeping track of the number of players I see while logged on here: http://blog.sanriotown.com/anastasia...server-status/ As you can see, it's never more than three... -_-
  10. Yeah, it's so hard to decide a good time.

    Wah, being low level is no fun. >o<

    I guess the inactive friends either aren't allowed to play HKO anyway, got bored of it, don't like playing because of the lack of players, are waiting for Tokyo to open already, have gotten to busy to play, or lost access to their accounts.

    I've used that website before. ^^
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