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  1. Ok, I'll let you know!
  2. Thanks for reading it! I wasn't actually looking for that comic, but I'll probably read it! Like I told Ana-chan, the one I'm looking for is the one about the Sengoku characters. (Kanna and Hayato)
  3. Yeah, it seems like the authors really like Phantom. Anyways, here's the link to the fanfiction I was talking about.

  4. O.O I'm looking forward to the page/post about your characters! Congrats on reaching 140! I think I'll level my Kanna up to 140, and then maybe invite both you and Momoko-chan to my expedition! I hear there's quests for Kanna at level 150, so I'll defeat Ranmaru at Lvl 140 (along with other people, of course) and then lvl up 10 levels higher and finish the Kanna storyline!

    Idk if you saw my last blog post, but I actually started writing a MapleStory fanfiction. I'm planning to publish it on Fanfiction.net. It centers on mostly the Sengoku characters.
  5. That's nice! I'm Good! Today is a wonderful day.. right?
  6. Here's the link that I said I would show you in my previous post! (read that one first before this one):

  7. Woah, woah, woah. You maxed out that many skills? O.O

    Let's see, I'm planning to post on my blog how many and what kind of characters I have. I'll give you the link once it's posted. I hope that'll answer your questions.

    My Kanna got to Level 120! I did the quests for that level, and ended up ATTEMPTING to defeat Ranmaru. Didn't work out so well. Ah, well. I'm only 120 and unfunded. (extremely unfunded, for that matter) TnT

    When will you be able to get on MapleStory? I'm pretty sure I'll meet you in HKO for the event since we're all going to decide what time's best for us, but I haven't seen you on MapleStory.
  8. Hello Kitty_12! How are you? ^^
  9. For some reason, I feel like playing MapleStory these days. Idk why... O.o

    MomokoSpring is a Bishop, right? I have a Mastery Book for Advanced Blessing 20. If you can, ask her if she wants it. It's for free, of course.

    If I find a Mastery Book for an Ice/Lightning Arch Mage, I'll give it to you, too! ^.^
  10. Message: Meteor Shower coming soon! Spread the message! . So others can see it too! Everyone enjoy!
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