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  1. Smaller town.

    They told me last year that the server was offline, when I contacted them about a patch server issue.

    I did upload the voice files online somewhere.

    I was thinking discord.
  2. Just recently moved. The last time I moved was 15 years ago.

    While I did stop providing the download links, you can still download the game, just can't patch it. The rarest one is the voice folder found in older versions of the game, as they were the very first quest line. They dropped the voice audio for later versions.

    tbh, I hang around here for the support, due to the knowledge of hko for the past 10 years. I've had people look up to me, and even a few mistook me for a GM. I miss those days.

    I do not trust these visitor messages since anyone can see them. Plus I'm known to use profanity elsewhere.
  3. Got moved into another place, and slowly working on getting back into playing video games. I do have my laptop, so I can play pc games, but not console games atm.

    As for hko, I still field questions about the game. Support did tell me the game services had ended, which I believe was a good thing, since the game had a lack of players and too many other issues occurred. Leave the game installed, so you can have access to the files. I had to go hunting for the hko intro file, found it after a bit of time.
  4. Not sure, but the game is over. Can't explain why. Support hasn't responded the last time I contacted them.

    I'm just dealing with some issues atm, since I cannot play video games now.
  5. Forums are gonna remain dead anyway, plus I have no idea how much longer the forums and hko be around. The item mall is still down, and these days, I don't bother playing hko.

    Blizzard announced that Overwatch would have a free weekend Nov 18-21, according to https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20372506

    Kings Quest is an old series from the 80s & 90s. The recent game is a reboot, different from the Kings Quest fan game, A Silver Lining. Sierra did other game series like Space Quest and others back then.

    Not all games I get run on my PC, but that's doesn't matter. Sometimes I will buy more than one copy, like for consoles, just to have one for each system.
  6. Hey!! Long time no see! (Hopefully you remember me? o.o)
  7. Ah, I see. I have a lot of work to do too, but so far I haven't been busy on Fridays or Saturdays. ^.^ Usually I have so much math homework, because every night the teacher assigns us both something from the book and a worksheet. O.o It takes at least four hours to do, often more like five.

    Nice talking to you too~. ^.^
  8. Me playing HKO doesn't feel that long ago, probably partly because I visit this site a lot still~.
  9. It's weird how a year (or several years) feels so short, but a single day of school feels so long. O.o
  10. I feel like time is always flying~. I can never keep up with anything!
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