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  1. You just gotta keep reminding yourself, "Just gotta endure this until the weekend; just gotta endure this until the weekend..."
  2. Yeah, but just because it's fun doesn't mean it's a good idea. Lol. ^^

    Meh, it was... okay. I'm nervous about the rest of the school year. I'm glad today's a Saturday.
  3. Pretty much nothing. I've been sooo lazy. Wake up, eat breakfast, go back to bed, eat lunch, go back to bed, eat supper, go back to bed... Sometimes I might go to the playground or something.

    Today was my first day of school so I'll have to start being less lazy. ^^'
  4. Yeah, it's annoying. >.<
  5. Chaovirus was his name, but he left when LadyLyka came around. She left when Metaphyiscal came around.

    I had played a bit of Life Is Strange: Episode 1, but haven't gotten far. Same with Kings Quest Episode 1. Hello Kitty Racing was bought during the launch week last year, hardly play it.

    There are some games only available on consoles. I get a lot of PC games on Steam, but rarely buy them on GOG, Origin, Uplay, unless they are free for a limited time.
  6. No, not really. I used to try to log on every month or so, but it wouldn't connect to the server so I stopped trying. >.<
  7. Life is Strange does have a complete season available, but I have no plans to get that.

    Hello Sanrio is the latest game for mobile.

    Metaphysical Fried Rice is the administrator here, LadyLyka stepped down some time ago.

    While I do play on PC, I prefer to play on consoles.
  8. While I refuse to play Undertale, Life is Strange had its first episode released for free. As a joke, I bought a Hello Kitty racing game on steam last year. Not sure I want to get it for 3DS.

    Aeria only handled the North America version, there were others that handled different regions.
  9. yeah. Which is why I hang around another site.

    But I still play HKO, and other games. Not so much on mmos, but other genres. Many blame Aeria Games for what happened, but it had nothing to do with the way hko is now. They chose to return the game to Sanrio Digital then.

    I check on that company for any games worth playing, before going to steam to play games.
  10. I haven't noticed any changes. I mean, I'm sure you've changed after all this time, but I can't really tell. Have I changed? People always say I never seem to change. O.o

    I'm in frequent contact with Alina. She's doing well. ^^ Lidie messaged me not long ago, and I responded to it, but she never said anything back. o.o
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