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  1. I haven't watched it but I think I will look for it now My sister has been watching a lot of Downton Abbey with my mom lately and I like to watch TV a little before doing my homework. Have you ever watched it?
    I didn't log into Marapets for a LONG time and I thought "My pets will be starving!" but I checked them and it said 100% Happiness, 0% Hunger, and 40% Tired on each of them O.O
    *raises hand* I care! I hope you have fun with your family, or have a good time I can't be online often either, there are days where my teachers go twitchy and leave us a lot of homework and projects
  2. Dear Madam Swank,
    SOISCA is going to be very helpful for those who need a smile! We could even start a musical with our dance crew http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Qe57dqBrzk
    Not being able to sleep and watching videos at night with your sister helps you get ideas for SOISCA,
    River Song

    The good thing is that The Chronicles of Narnia books have a "cast of characters" page at the beginning of each book I can just go read it when I forget a character, unless the character isn't featured there
    Forget it, everything is better though. Well, except my cats have just made their own cat door O_O That wasn't supposed to happen... hehe
  3. Listen up anybody that cares.
    On Monday i am not going to be coming on Sanriotown because my family and i are driving up to spend the day with some of my moms relatives.
    I know i used to but i wont be coming on sanriotown very often anymore.School just started and i dont really have the time to use the computer.And a lot of the time i am just too tired to go on the computer.
    I just dont want people to think i have totally ditched sanriotown.
  4. Dear Madam Swank,
    That is a great idea, we could also start a team of some sport so people can donate when they buy a ticket to watch them play, I already have some members of SOISCA that might help us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6Kp2UaoXvo
    Getting PLANS,
    River Song

    I sometimes tell myself "I'm going to watch this show", and I wait for the next commercial to see what time it's going to be on, I get distracted and forget to see the hour -_- I'm lucky when I turn on the TV on the exact time that Thor is starting
    If they only mention a character once every chapter I have to go back to read about it all over again
    Maybe they have it at BlockBuster here, I have to check if there are any available to rent.
    I keep forgetting his name Peter something I'll look it up after I feel happy again because of something... that just... happened... *sniffs*
  5. hello there old friend!
  6. Time for movie searching again! This time, "How To Train Your Dragon". I wonder what it's about, I only watched one scene the other day and it didn't tell much about the plot, and I saw a lot of comments on the trailers that said "THE FEELS" so *gets tissues prepared*
    Well ants do live in the wild, don't they?
    Going to the flea market for clothes is always fun! Sometimes you find clothes that aren't in other stores and they're even better It's been a long time since I went to one, I hope I can go again soon
    You started early or did you end school early this year? I always get confused with the different school calendars
  7. Dear Madam Swank,
    Aww, it says video not available in my country :/ Let me search for it in another channel. Aha! Hehe! We could start with some not sad but emotional videos they used to show on TV in the mornings, then we could go on with something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHmZFgHDDrk
    Running out of video ideas ,
    River Song

    Err... something like that... I'm not good at memorizing the names of shows, it took me ten episodes to learn the name of a show I don't remember well now
    Hehe That would be funny!
    Thor: Hello Lo- O.O
    Loki: *carrying nailpolish* Yes, brother?
    Thor: I need your help for the battle!
    Loki: Let me get my makeup *Two hours later*
  8. Woah 3 days!?!? Did you stop by the hotel to sleep throught the night or just literly 3 days maybe not lol thats crazy. Aww thats too bad i know how it feels to throw your fav sweater away. Omg do you speak spanish?:0 Pugs are so cute I wanted a pug or Yorkie but my puppy was a gift lol. You start school early, I start school late because we finish the year late lol. Omg Cool I will see if I can look at your knitted projects because my computer broke and im using my Ipod right now to look at sanriotown I cant look at videos though. Although I can ask my big brother when he isn't using his laptop to let me borrow it for a few.
  9. Aww! I like that dragon! It looks cute and reminds me of Honey the Bunny my kitty But I haven't watched the first movie, I've seen some parts on T.V.
    Well I guess that's why people write their names on cakes, so the ants know they only need to take one slice We also take food from the grocery store for our colony, maybe we're the grocery store for the ants
    Flea market... I'm not sure hehe They change the names of some things here a lot, sometimes they change it so much it doesn't make sense when translating, but according to what we call a flea market here, I have been to a flea market!
  10. Ah! I watched the final episode on Monday! Moffat must have been making a lot of fan-fiction since before the series was revived because of all the plots he has been making. This time I think he used a little too much of Sherlock on Doctor Who but it worked out well actually
    Did you watch the show you were talking about a few months ago? Wait... Or does it start in September...?
    Everyone got longer hair in this movie, even Christopher Eccleston Hehe
    Actually he did turn into a woman in the comics! He reincarnated or used magic or something like that and turned into The Something Witch, I don't remember the name, but it would be kinda strange and funny
    That means I must find the other films before watching the recent Wolverine one? Search time!!! Woo hoo!
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