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  1. ~*Merry Christmas!*~
  2. Dear Madam Swank,
    Yes, I have. The last time I saw snow was when I was 8 years old, but I still remember building snowmen
    Only 5 days,
    River Song

    Hehe, I guess they don't want to give out free candy, since it's a shop I still think they should sell gift cards on Halloween, that way people can get even more candy!
    No wonder my sister wants to be a dentist, she knows Halloween will be her specialty too
    That is the same thing I said when Christopher Eccleston left the show... and when David Tennant left... and when Matt Smith left... It's the regeneration cycle of the fans
    We went to buy ice cream and some chips at the park and I got Pokemon White 2 a few days after my birthday. It's a small party, but it's fun!
    Yes, I went to watch it with my mom and sister, of course we couldn't miss it when Karen Gillan was in it!
  3. Thanks!
  4. I know that they need a while to film the movies, but I wish they were released sooner
    I guess it's delayed gratification, if I hand in a project a few days late when I'm in college I shall say "It's Marvel's fault for not filming their movies fast enough for us to watch it when we were less busy"
    Just make sure you don't use the same yarn for all the socks you're knitting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjRZn0_Q4zA
    I made the backgrounds at piZap, but I can barely see the letters
    We just ate a cake and went to different shops and walked around places It was nice, but cold...
  5. Dear Madam Swank,
    If my cats meowed more often, I would probably teach them to do this
    It doesn't snow here ,
    River Song
    Hmm... I wonder if we will get any doughnuts on Halloween in the future. We should get candy gift cards instead. I remember there was a movie where they just handed out anything they could find in the house.
    The one who's family is saved at the end of the episode (I really can't remember his name ) is the Twelfth Doctor.
    You're also going to see River a lot in the Eleventh Doctor's series
  6. Yes, except my mom's friend is knitting it with plastic soda can tabs. They're the same shape as normal soda can tabs, the only difference is that you can buy them in any color and some even come with glitter on one side so you know which side to knit forwards.
    I went to the mall on Halloween and I saw a lot of children dressed up there. They were giving out cake somewhere because there were a lot of people around the mall with pieces of cake, but we couldn't figure out where!
    Oh! That's the Eleventh Doctor! Fezzes are cool

    You're one of the very few people who noticed that Karen Gillan was there I found out until the third time I watched it =/
    There's also someone else in that episode that comes back in the new series... *Spoilers*
    I can't wait! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlTmrbPEPUQ
  7. Dear Madam Swank,
    No, but we've adopted two more kittens and my brother has a puppy now because he's studying to become a vet and in one of his classes they asked him to train a puppy. Welcome Sandy!
    I can't say "carro" or "perro" either,
    River Song

    Yes! I thought about making a trifoce triangle with a crochet pattern, but I can't find my golden yarn =/
    I think the scarf's color would be too dark if I knit the base some dark color and I add the patches of fandom designs, maybe I'll look for a lighter color so it can be easier to find each patch
  8. Yay! Welcome to the whovian world! Where you'll cry at least once in each series and you have to wait a year to know more news about the series because they keep everything secret! =S
    There's a whovian in my classroom now, and on Friday her cellphone rang during recess and it was the Doctor Who theme song hehe
    I know, my sister has a new laptop that can change its wallpaper after a certain amount of time and she set it to a footage of a Weeping Angel from the fifth series
    **Spoilers* **Well, she becomes the companion in the 4th series, but just get a box of tissues ready for when you reach the last episode Get more if you've reached the series 4 specials
    I've been great! Still not used to high school... but I'm glad everyone's still here =) Actually, I'm helping my mom teach her friend how to knit a bag I made her for Mother's Day.
    How have you been?
  9. Dear Madam Swank,
    I've been very busy taking care of Pokemon and riding horses through the rainbow bridge of Midgard and studying Potions that I wasn't able to come online during these past weeks. Sorry! But I hope you can forgive me by watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv_gOBi8Wpk
    I've got a puppy now,
    River Song

    I have a Goosebumps book with a doughnut on the cover like that too, my brother has a huge collection of those books
    That sound great! I'm still knitting my Loki scarf and I'm thinking about making one side with a Loki theme and the other with a Zelda theme since the scarf is green, but I'm thinking about knitting another white scarf instead and I can sew fandom things on it and it won't look too dark.
    That reminds me that my family and I are watching a Halloween movie marathon this week and one of them is Wallace & Gromit with the were rabbit
  10. Everything I own is a little broken My cellphone turns off when it gets cold (seriously) and I've had to factory reset it twice because it keeps getting stuck on the 'tun on' loop. My computer takes longer to turn on when my sister's turns on in 5 seconds and hers is older than mine. All my pencils break when I sharpen them... Don't forget all the chairs that broke... =/
    Black Widow was also in Captain America: The winter soldier, and Marvel said they might make her own movie.
    You're welcome!
    Loki: You cannot stop me from ruling this fluffy world Thor- Thor, what are you doing?
    Thor: Sorry, brother, I got distracted with this colorful ball of yarn... must... play.. with... YARN!
    Loki: -_- *licks paw*
    That reminds me, I have over 100 unread e-mails...
    Don't worry We're all a little lazy sometimes hehe
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