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  1. Hey there! Long time no see!
  2. I haven't finished the scarf I've been knitting for about a year now I also wanted to knit something for babies because my aunt just had her baby in September. The doctors said he was going to be born in November so I thought I had enough time to knit something for him but it turns out I have to start knitting faster O.O
    I've been great. Very busy with school, I'm in 11th grade now and everyone in my high school says this year is supposed to be the hardest one but I just think it's the busiest one. What about you? How have you been?
  3. Dear Madam Swank,
    How could I forget my many trips to the recycling center carrying bags full of tissue boxes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_4oTPMgggg
    Kitties shall rule the world,
    River Song
    Maybe that's why they're called flaming hot, someone dropped a bottle of sauce in the cheetos factory and another thought they had caught on fire
    O.O There's an extended edition?! My mom and I watched all three in one day. We were watching the first one on T.V. and then we were about to get up when the second one started. When that one was over my brother came out of his room asking if we'd like to watch the third one, and that's how we ended up watching about 10 hours straight of Lord of the Rings.
    Princess had a tumor ever since she was a kitten, and in June she passed away They had told us she'd only live to be 8 months old, but she was a brave kitten and this August she would've turned 5. She was brave every second, never stopped fighting.
  4. Usually «hello, it seems to be a [state of weather] day» suffices May seem old-fshioned, but works like a charm!

    Yeah, I can understand that. My brother is the same way, h's kind of bashful. Still, he manages. Practice! Not saying it's going to be easy since I can't... give you some pointers. You're better off looking for a shy person with lots of friends to see how they do.

    OCnfidence is just a matter of, pardon my French, not giving a f*ck.
  5. yes it is
  6. Exactly! I think is because they already put up with so much stuff when they were alive, so they go all gung-ho thinking to themselves nope, I'm not gonna take it anymore! The world can deal!

    It just takes confidence, sweetheart. I'm a lot like that, but I suppose that's what years of bullying did to me, hahahaha

    Really? I prefer hanging with both younger and older people. Young kids are so much fun, and old people have so much to learn from. I do hang out with people my age, but only sometimes.
  7. Well. Don't worry too much baout it. I don't think you'd ruin their club. I used to ahve tea with my grandma and her friends, really lovely. In my experience, just be polite, adn they'll eventually warm up to you. Why, sometimes those women think I'm just another oldie and really know who was the president during that time or that scandal by so-and-so! Also, they have really dirty stories. OMG old women are the best (after people your age, of course).

    Usually we have like 18 ft. of water a year on average. I know, there's been talk of water rationing and everything! OTH this may finally teach our population to responsibly spend water. We are the biggest spenders in the continent. It's been raining lately, so hopefully things are looking up
  8. Oh, I love knitting! I once was in a knitting club, but here in my birth country there aren't very many knitters.

    I've been fine. I'm worried, because of the drought. My country's greatest wealth is its water (because of the Panama Canal) so we've been obssessing over the water level of Gatún Lake (the Canal's reservoir). People have stated El Niño (the phenomenon causing the drought) may last up until March 2016!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hiya!

    It's nice to see some old(ish) faces around the forum!

    How have you been?
  10. Thank you.
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