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  1. How've you been? ^_^
  2. Merry almost Christmas! ^_^
  3. You're welcome
  4. Well... At least we have good health! Which makes me remember this:

    Another reason why I'm making my "Save the World" videos in the Dream Studio.
  5. lol happy guatemalA!!11
  6. *sighs* It's good to see you're having a good time with LOTS of friends!
    My real life friends (you're a real friend too! Internet-friend though) are being strange and fighting a lot and the two that are left (the others got very angry) are starting to seem to ignore me Why can I never get along with people I meet in Mexico? I had a lot of true friends while I grew up in USA but can't seem to find any here! Have you ever felt like that?
  7. Yes, it's small, and it might be a plushie! Just wait and see tomorrow!!!

    Yeah, it's from GlitterGraphics.com ^^

  8. COOKIEZ!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks! ^_^ Going to Canada on Sunday! Good thing my phone's got Wi-Fi! Contact you later! ^^
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