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  1. Yeah, she blocked me from her accounts twice for... hmm... what was it? 8 months? Yeah something like that.
    Don't block your account! Don't be like her! She's kinda strange sometimes, but let her be, sooner or later she'll contact you again... eventually she will.
    Friends accept your advice! They don't ignore it (or in this case, block it).
  2. So sorry I am replying so late, I have been so busy! ;w; I hope maybe you're still here?! <3
  3. What?! That's not nice! Friends don't lie 2 each other!
  4. Once I was about to drop the whole table Laughed so hard at a joke someone told me on chat.
    Why does it seem that some people get all "No one likes me" during December? My sister has been SO annoying lately and so has my brother! :-\
  5. Your signature has been edited again. Reduce the size of your signature to save space. Please consider that other members find it hard to read the threads if they scroll up or down too much. Furthermore, your font is bright red and in font size 7.

    Again, please avoid arguing with other members, causing possible flaming.
    Again, please do NOT spam the threads with nonsense.

    Observe the Forum Rules. Last warning. [especially forum rules # 2, 5, 6, 10]

  6. And I lie because people lie to me.
  7. Well, it's basically because I do dumb things sometimes (well, lets just say MOST THE TIME!) And a lot of people hate me now. Nobody's going to celebrate my birthday this year!
    Ok, see you tomorrow! (Maybe...)
  8. Man, everyone hates me now
  9. Hi.

    Yeah, I love Adventure Time too XD

    And, are you mad at me?! Just forget about that. Lets talk about Christmas! What do you like about X-Mas?
  10. That reminds me of the day I almost dropped my sister's laptop because I was laughing a lot! Hehe
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