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  1. Hey!!! I remember you from when ST was still fun & exciting... ha 'exciting' ^_^
    Estoy bien, gracious!!! (Practicing Spanish there )
  2. Wow! It's been YEARS since I came here. YEARZ!!!
    It says 2nd grade but now I'm in 5th
    Also, I've got 2 younger bros and 2 sis now!
  3. Ok! Have fun in Canada!!!
  4. My favorite game is The Rolling Corocorokuririn
  5. I know,it's probably the best jod ever!
    On Sunday,I'm going away to my home town.
  6. Hmm...If you consider collage school,then yes.If you don't,then no.
    I go to Harvord,and it took me quite awhile to get in.I'm studing almost everything,just like Heromine Granger.I don't have Bushy hair like she doess,but I do have Brown Hair.I mainly am studiny Nursing and American History,because I either want to work at a hospital or be President or Senetor.I better decide quick,because I only have 2 more years to decide (school years)!

    I'm also sorry to say that unless you respond by Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. or before,I won't get to say you a final good-bye and Merry Christmas.
  7. Yeah, I don't like the word too I play games on here too
  8. No Astrid I'm now!
  9. Hi, I'm great! Yeah, I get busy on here too
  10. I'm good

    That's great!I had to many subjects,I counl'd not sign up for any more,wich means no art

    But that was YEARS ago!!!
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My name's Astrid Noemi. I really like watching pokemon. My sisters are Berenice (water_melody@hellokitty), Sarah (penguin_club_98@hellokitty), and Marion (moon_shine_98@hellokitty).

My favorite colors scarlet and orange. My favorite books are the Harry Poter books. I like watching Wow Wow Wubbzy!
Studing 2nd grade
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