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  1. Whut.
    Am I doing. I almost forgot about this.

  2. You're acting more normal now. ^.^
  3. I only play when something is happening. Right now...nothing is going on. :/ Sounds like we still need to decide the time for the event. I could just play the storyline again with my LunarPuppeteer but... after all that work I done with my Kitty_12.... I don't want to. D:

    Yeah don't worry, I will check. I still haven't posted anything on the forums. >.>

    Hmm...I see. I don't have an account on Fanfiction but I check the fiction there.
  4. Response to your blog post: I have been inactive from HKO too but I still haven't given up. BUT I'm close to giving up... I still have like..um... 15% hope for HKO. That's one of the main reasons and I have my other reasons. I made a long blog post about my absence from HKO. I check on Sanriotown...mainly at the forums but they have been quiet. You know... I actually have been looking through the Maplestory forums. I know this sounds crazy but... I'm thinking of moving onto there... I mean, do you know what the community is like over there? All I can say is... Sanriotown's community is more friendly than the people at Maplestory forums... and I want to move there...?

    Changed? Hmm... seems like you did change... I think I changed (a bit). I remember whenever I read something with swear words, my reaction is: "D: EEK!", not my reaction is: =/ It seems like... I don't care... it's odd. Same with animes... I don't seem to mind inappropriate stuff.
  5. Response to your most recent blog post since it's not letting me comment there:

    Eek, I could never imagine going inactive from Sanrio Town! If I went inactive, my inbox would overflow and I would not respond to several people's messages... I think this would be the site that I would be least likely to go inactive from.

    I've missed you! I thought you might have disappeared off the face of the Earth! >.<

    I play about ten games, and still log onto Sanrio Town, so I think you can be active here and on other sites too. I log onto FanFiction.Net and FictionPress almost every day. ^.^ I am on FanFiction.Net a lot too. But I've actually been more active on FictionPress, because I've been writing a story that's actually become very popular and it's cool to actually be getting so many reviews!

    Changed? Actually, you do sound a little different. More serious or something maybe?
  6. Yeah, if you like FanFiction at some point you will go through a phase in which you are way more obsessed with it than usual and you will spend all day reading it. It's a fact of life. *nods*

    Math face... kawaii... O.O Kawaii math... Math + kawaii = kawaii math! *gasps*

    The ramen cake tastes just like ramen... except... more cakey.

    Recently I've been using chopsticks for all my meals. You know what's hardest to eat? Rice. It takes forever since there are all those little grains...
  7. Interesting... I don't think I can play...I don't think my parents will allow to play. The computer I play in... I don't own it. Other people in my family uses it and... it doesn't have much space left.
  8. Guess how many times I repeated the Florapolis questline. :P (I still have a bit of hope for HKO)
    It's not Mirai Nikki? What is it then? What I know about Mirai Nikki: A boy who doesn't interact with others, a yandere, diaries that tell the future,not sure what else.

    That thread was about the revamp. Someone in that thread decided to talk about the explorer's storyline. Now I'm not sure if I'm excited for RED. A KMST player talked about RED on his blog...well, that's just his opinion. I guess I'll just wait for it to come.
    Yes, that boss fight was hard. DR= Damage Reflect. How I fight bosses: Ice Demon, Glacier Chain, Chain Lightning (when Glacier Chain is on cooldown), pot if HP/MP is within the range of 60-40%, rebuff and watch for animations. Hilla isn't as hard as Cygnus...

    Speaking of bosses, have you seen the video of an AB soloing every major boss? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hQbd2YPmo4
  9. An anime with lots of blood...Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) Oh yes, don't forget that Luminous also has hyper skills for Reflection.

    Yes, it's RED! Not sure how I feel about the I/L's revamp. I mean... seal and slow removed?? Even worse... Ice Demon removed? D: But... the new skills look great! I think I like I/L's revamp... just a few things I'm not fond of. I/Ls will always be my favorite class...
    (After reading a certain thread from one of the Maplestory fansites about Explorer's storyline... O_O Some storyline...)

    Btw, I completed a solo run at Hilla WITHOUT dying! So this is what you need to solo Hilla: Elemental Decrease , watch out for DR, bring lots of pots and spam all your strongest skills. Wait do Kannas even have Elemental Decrease? O_O

    EDIT: Despite what happens at the storyline... it makes the game's storyline MUCH more interesting. I can give you the link of source if you want... but do you want spoilers?
  10. Ooh, ramen cake! Awesome! ^.^

    Hey Alina-chan, do you know how to eat with chopsticks? Today I used them to eat lunch. It wasn't as difficult as I thought! But annoyingly, I can't pick up the chopsticks and adjust my hold using only my right hand. O.o

    Oh, and I was doing some evil homework and there was some stuff with coodinate grids. Isn't it interesting that the coordinates (0,0) look like a face? *blink blink*
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