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  1. I like magicians. ^^ They are cool! I have an I/L (Arch) Mage. Yep, you can freeze enemies (however, you can't freeze bosses and creatures that are strong to ice?) Also, I/L Mages have excellent mobbing skills (that means attack multiple enemies at once). I don't know a lot about F/P but I do know about Clerics/Priest/Bishop (my sister is a Bishop). I/L mages popular? You're probably right, I heard that F/P Mages are the rarest magicians out of the Magicians in the game.

    Finished downloading? Have fun playing! ^_^ Just ignore those bad players and you'll be fine. When I was looking through forums in one website, I was reading this thread and this person trolled in that thread...
  2. MapleStory forums? I never signed up in a MapleStory forum (I do know one forum though, but my brothers don't recommend me to sign up.)

    Yes, beginners start in Maple Island (if you are an Explorer). There are friend lists on MapleStory. By the way, have you decided what job are going to take?
  3. Downloading Maplestory? Tell me when you made a character ingame. XD Let's try to meet in MapleStory! Remember, I'm in the server Bera and I'm found in either Channel 1 or 7 (sometimes other channels.) It's good that you are playing right now because there's an event happening right now. ^^

    When no one is online in HKO (and I it's still my computer time, I play MapleStory. Oh yeah, if you want our character to meet, please tell which city to meet in because my character is now up to 4th Job. So I'm pretty much a high level in MapleStory.
  4. I'm working on it right now.
  5. Your blog is not letting me comment on your blog (I AM logged on!)

    My response to your blog post: Hmm... I think Beijing would be suitable. Why? Well, the ones who established the academy are Lala and Kiki, right? Well, Beijing seems to be based on Lala and Kiki. Yes I know that Lala and Kiki are in Paris but after doing some quests (a long time ago), it seems that they both come from Beijing. Well, this is just my opinion. Can't wait to find out what happens next in your story (speaking of stories, I better work on mine XD).
  6. Wow, you're right. XD Maybe they didn't see the messages...?
  7. Happy birthday!
  8. Um, this profile page is mine. I'm not Anastasia. Just click on her email on one of her visitor messages to go to her profile. Another way to get there is to click on this link:http://forum.sanriotown.com/member.p...hellokitty.com. You can leave a message there, where she'll see it.
  9. hi anastasia i miss my friend carly1234@hellokitty.com
  10. Oh yeah. She's been emailing me a lot lately.

    Lol I don't know how she got us mixed up like that.
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Hi! I'm Alina! I'm female. I love watching anime! Currently, I'm watching Naruto Shippuden, Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live, and Doki Doki Precure. On Hello Kitty Online, I"m Alina_Fairysong on the US/Canada Server. I hope to meet you in the game! :D

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playing video games, eating ramen, watching anime, and other stuff


I play on both the US/Canada server and International server in Hello Kitty Online.

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International: Sierra_RubySnow (London)

I hope to meet everyone in the game!

I also play MapleStory. Visit my blog for more details about what characters I play and more. I usually play on Bera.

Due to school, I will not be as active as I used to be. However, I will still check my profile from time to time.


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