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  1. Your fanfiction is interesting! Looking forward to the next chapters. *looks at the previous messages* Ah, that comic. ^^ I know where to find the English translation. *looks for it*

    *20 minutes later...* Found it! http://japanms.wordpress.com/2012/05...tom-web-comic/

    Edit: There's also the other half of the manga story. http://japanms.wordpress.com/2012/06...-comic-part-2/
  2. Well I can read that the title of the manga story is Episode Phantom.
  3. Oh, here it is! http://maplestory.nexon.co.jp/campai...e/webcomic.asp

    But I can barely read any of it...
  4. Hm... I looked at the Japanese MapleStory website and I don't know how to find it either... I was hoping maybe I could translate it for you, (the best I can anyway) but I have no idea where it is... O.o
  5. I told her I'd try to log on today but I don't think I'll have time. But I'll tell her when I can see her.

    And I know what you mean about the stories. Same way for me.

    And no problem! Despite not playing Maple Story, I'll still keep reading your story.
  6. I can feel your pain. School started for me on august 9th.
  7. Pen names- I don't know, both look good to me. ^^ Sakura named after an anime character, or just 'cause it's a cute name?

    Xenon- Hm... I don't even know how to pronounce Xenon. O.o
  8. I made more characters. Yes, I did see that post. *tries to look for your fan fiction, seems interesting!* I went on fanfiction.net to read some Maplestory fan fiction and whoa, there's a lot of fiction based on the heroes... especially Phantom. XD
  9. What server do you play the most?
  10. Yes, proper words count. Impressive! Never head of Xenon before now.

    Gina laughed at that last sentence too. ^^ Basically I'm thinking (in the story) that we can leave HKO similarly to the way I got in. And yes, I also noticed that An HKO Tale is that way. Technically 'An HKO Tale' would be correct, since h is making a vowel sound, but if I didn't abbreviate it somewhere, I would have to call it A Hello Kitty Online Tale instead of An Hello Kitty Online Tale. Lol. ^^ Yes, it's weird.

    Good luck thinking of a pen name! I had trouble with that as well. I got sick of my first one, but was hesitant about changing it since it might confuse people. Eventually changed, but the new one didn't seem much better. I think I'm gonna stick with my current. ^^

    For me school started on the 16th. You're lucky. >.< Surprisingly, I'm having no trouble getting used to going to school again. I'm getting back into the school swing! XD
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