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  1. carly1234@hellokitty.com if you come online could you send me a message thnx
  2. she cant the doctor said she has to eat had crunchy stuff to scrape of any infections from the back of her throat and shes not aloud out for 3 weeks why is life not fair lol
    i wont be on later as my friend debbie is coming over i cant wait shes a new friend and has never been to my house before im sooooooooooooooooooo excited
  3. Congrats on having your tonsils succesfully taken out.
    I guess your going to be eating a lot of ice cream,huh.^_^
  4. shes had it done hurray for her
  5. thnx cutecat i think she is proud of herself i just wish she would call me i gave her my number but she hasnt called me
  6. Many people have their tonsils cut out. Everything will be fine. A lot of people have gone through surgery and operations. When you do get your tonsils cut out, you'll be proud of yourself for going through that frightening experience.

    In other words: Good luck and believe in yourself!
  7. thnx guys shes going to need a lot of confidence for her to let a doctor stick scissors and a camera down her throat to cut her toncils out shes sooooooooooooooo worried and i know i shouldnt be for her sake but i am im worried because she is.
    im trying to put my mind of it by doing my homework but i cant because she is like my sister and im toooooooooooooo worried
  8. Um, I'm not anastasiakiwi10@hellokitty.com. You sent a visitor message to me today. She is my friend, but I'm not her. Good luck with the operation! ^_^
  9. Hi!
    Your friend isobel said that you were having an operation.
    Good luck and dont sweat it everything is going to be great!
    Im Elizabeth by the way.
  10. dont worry about that anymore that was for yesterday
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