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  1. <3 !
  2. Awesome! I hope you have lots of fun in New York I'm actually not far from there so I'm sure the snow is pretty much the same as I get.
  3. ok when i get on the other computer ill set it up but can you tell me how to decroate it
  4. Oh wow! I didn't know anyone else had that same fear that's pretty neat! One reason I love the cold weather is from getting warm.. it's such a good feeling having that hot chocolate or being under a huge blanket. *_*

    I do get all four seasons here unfortunately the winters can get really cold and the summers really hot. >.< I only like the weather at like 40-45 degrees lol.

    Snow is also very fun after a while though it turns annoying if you have to do the shoveling outside or are trying to drive/walk in it.
  5. I'm actually moving and the new house is right near a beach but I really don't like those either, haha. I like the cold water but I only like man-made beaches.. otherwise I'm paranoid I'll step on a fish or something.. weird fear!
  6. hiya ^^ thanks for stopping by! I'm doing alright.. but it's too hot outside for me! ackk hate the Summer
  7. hey hey if u want to say hey I am on both sides right now. BluePretty on us/canada side and LisaChris on international side. say hey if u can bye bye sweetie
  8. I'm doing well too, thanks! Nothing exciting really happening, having a pretty relaxing summer what've you been up to?
  9. I sent u message on your kittenfairyface can u go see it now real quick its very important if you don't mind. thanks if u can check now if u have time thanks so much.
  10. hiya kitten ^^ how're you doing?
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