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  1. Are you still around, sweetie?
  2. So I left a PSA on my profile regarding this but I kind of had lost my password and stuff to sanrio so I was feeling pretty bummed out because of that. And I had forgotten my account name (I had it set to autocomplete on my web browser).

    I hope you're still having a great time in school, though!

    And I hope things with your family have improved!

  3. giọng điệu c điều m muội, hai trng mắt thm thy hp lại mang cười, diễn đn l qu đn qut mắt nhn trn dưới c gi một lượt.
    “Đng ght———-”
    Cho d cch một lớp chăn bng nhưng đối mặt với tầm mắt nng bỏng của hắn, c vẫn cảm thấy cả người nng bừng.
    “Anh khng ở lại sao?” Mắt đẹp hp lại, nh mắt ma mị, mười phần mời mọc.
    Edit: Ra Nhỏ t Ni my chạy bộ điện
    bn bng bn
    my chạy bộ

    Một người đn ng như vậy, dường như tất cả phụ nữ đều bị chịnh phục. Phụ nữ đại khi đều như thế! Dễ dng bị tnh cảm chi phối!
    “Lần sau đi!” Tiến ln hn đi mi đỏ mọng, Hoắc Li xoay người rời đi,
  4. It was fun. Now My phone is full of all my favourite songs.

    And now that you’re on Europena AP, you finally will understand all those off-colour Axis Powers Hetalia jokes xD

    Good luck with school and sorry for not answering before
  5. If her family is, then they're definitely the Lungs. Pretty famous.

    Hmmmm, well I need to look up the video. Speaking of songs, right now I'm having a bit of a marathon ripping the audio off youtube videos, lol. Found a really good page for that.

    I see. And now I want to do some research about Urdu protests songs. brb
  6. Oh, I'm not related to her, but there is only one Lung family in the country, and the wealthy side of the family deals with the Lung family. They're restaurateurs, and own several importing businesses. So I'm definitely related to someone who knows her or a relative of hers. Also, race here doesn't weigh in the same way as it does in the States.

    (Since you said "moved back to Panama", I assume she was born in Panama originally).

    Oh,that's too bad. While we do sing mostly about love, there are lots and lots of songs of protest and discussing social issues. As a matter of fact, the most beautiful songs of Puerto Rican reggaetn group Calle 13 are about social issues.
  7. Juan Luis Guerra has always been one of the best lyricists and songsters around. Do you have anyone like that in the US who really speaks to your experiences? Or whatever Urdu singer? Links?

    Seriously? What are her surnames? Because chances are one of these three things happens:

    1) I'm related to her.
    2) I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who is friends with her or her parents/siblings.
    3) I'm related to someone who is friends with her or her parents/siblings.

    Yeah, Panama is a small country like that.

    INDEPENDENCE. Well, Panama gets a whole national month. The Month of the Motherland, we call it. November. So, there.
  8. Absolutely not! You're entitled by your feelings! Admittedly, I did hesitate to link you to that comic, but I decided to go for it. I find it funny, yes, but my reality is pretty far removed from that. Also, we look differently about such things, us Latin-Americans in general (although there are subjects that are extremely taboo and not OK to make fun of). We tend to make light of everything, mostly, since the alternatives are to either laugh or cry, and we prefer laughter. Like in this song:

    Pretty good merengue song, right? It's by Juan Luis Guerra, a guy from Dominican Republic. It basically talks about how hospitals are sh1t. Look at the title. We Caribbean people have a saying that something is como cruzar el Nigara en bicicleta, like crossing the Niagara falls on a bike, i.e. impossible. That's how it is going to the hospital in his homeland, and I'mn like, I feel you bro. 'Cuz it's the same here.
  9. Why would you be taught about the Exodus? The only context in which we get taught about the Exodus is in Religion class; that goes for the whole country. Seriously, US people be cray-cray. And in Catechism, of course (think of it as the Catholics' madrasah); and I suppose the Jewish kids get taught it on Saturday school, and so on... But that's about it.

    Yes, I have a funny comic about that. Content warning: full of black humour and irreverence throughout. (So in the polandball comics, the English speaking countries are the only ones who speak proper English. It's part of the joke. In polandball in Spanish, the Spanish-speaking countries are the only ones who speak proper Spanish. And so on).

    I laugh at the comic, but it's a sad historical reality that has created so much tension throughout the region.
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