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  1. Exactly!

    The world is wonderfully diverse, why the cultures that populate it wouldn't be? It's good to have a diverse outlook on history.

    Btw, I think this will interest you. Seriously, sweetheart, click on that link.

    (In my defense, I am studying Biology. *runs for the hills*)
  2. The Incas understood the concept of anesthesia (something, mind you, that wasn't re-discovered until the late 18th century in Europe): they made highly complex surgeries, like extracting brain tumors, in a painless fashion, and most people survived them.

    Seriously, I could go like this all day, but just because a culture lacks certain technological advancements, it doesn't mean it isn't valuable, advanced, or even better in some way than other. Your teacher can go suck it.
  3. As for education; education in Europe was for the privileged few. Most of the English Puritan settlers didn't know how to read and write, for instance. The Spanish conquest was highly unusual in that there was a lot of chronicles, precisely because Spaniards were highly educated for their time as an average; but even they didn't reach the shoes of the Aztec Empire: Aztec Empire citizens had mandatory schooling, and most could read and write. Of course, that is lost to us now since they got slaughtered during the conquest of Mexico to a point they forgot their writing, and the Spanish did their d4mned best to burn all that devil parchments with the freaky letters. We have very few examples of Aztec writings, and, due to Spanish chronicles we know for certain they were actively burnt.
  4. Again, it dpeends on how you deifne colonialism. If you want, we can move that topic to the e-mails, since it would be impractically long.

    Moving on!

    Pardon my French, but your teacher knows jacksh1t about history. Many of those cultures were very advanced, even more so than the Spanish. To stay in our continent, the Natives in the Americas were better fed than those scrawny Europeans; there are reports that the English and the Spaniards had to look up since they measured some 5ft 9in on average. You know, like US people today. What happened after they were conquered. That's right, their height shot down because of poor nourishment, and it took even the Europeans a long time to reach the height the natives had before conquest.
  5. Technically, it depends on how you define colonialism. Things are rarely so simple, I'm afraid; and that'd be a very long history lesson. Yes, I gree with that. Thankfully, as society advances, people become more and more aware and, even if they don't exactly do something, society at large does.

    Could you imagine, socially, some of the things happening now occur 50 years ago?

    Also, please don't answer to shumibiggi in the meat topic, I think she's looking out for a fight.

    And check your sanrio e-mail. I sent you an e-mail.
  6. Honestly? When I was in the UK (and a minority and stuff but that's a whole other topic), I realised activism was better focused in educating people. A lot of offensiveness and racism is due to ignorance. Yes, it asks a lot of the marginalised, but if society won't care about them, make them care. Now that I've been on the other side of the coin I understand the privilege stuff doesn't really help. Energy can be put to better use by using my privilege (I'm privileged in Panama) to give the unprivileged a platform to speak for themselves, and to defend people.

    My British classmates offered me drugs, you know. It offended me, so I sat my homeroom group down and explained to them why it's not cool for them to buy drugs, since it's wrecking our countries. They got the message, and didn't bring up the topic again. I also made myself any questions they had, I was there for them. I think I cleared up a stuff about the Drug War, my culture and my region!

    I sent you a PM
  7. Ehhhh, probably, but all the oldies I know are good people.

    Can't your family read Urdu? I thought they could!

    It's good for you to stand-up for yourself, and considering how things are in the US for minorities, it's sad to see when you lot turn on each other. YEah, you probably shouldn't be friends with her; she needs to appreciate you better.

    You can send me a PM now with your Tumblr. But, careful! I think a lot of what you learnt about raxism and stuff is from Tumblr activism, right? Don't get me wrong, it's really good you're conscious about this stuff, but Tumblr can go way off the deep end with the check-your-privilege check-lists and all the victimhood and villainising culture. Just something for you to be aware of, alright?
  8. Really? I need to delte stuff fro my inbox, then. I almost never use it so I wonder how it got so cluttered.

    Yup, but at least we can look back and feel produ of how much we've matured? I'm sure you're growing into quite the lady, sweetie.

    D: I hope your grandparents are alright! Hopefully with treatmenta nd physical therapy things go much better! There's nothing much one can do about alzheimer, but I heard that maintaining a mentally-demanding life (taking up courses and stuff) helps a lot in the long run

    There were paedos here? Really! D: Never noticed, tbh.
  9. Well. It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. You always did seem to ahve family issues of some kind, hahah. OK, not funny, but you know what I mean.

    Yesss, well, as the users grew up the content grew up as well. I suppose you think it's gross becuase you're on the lower end of the age range for DA. I was the biggest weeaboo ever, when I was your age. Look up tsuki-nin on Fanficion.net! That's me, olooooool.

    I am registered on tumblr but do not have one yet. Care to share your tumblr?

    I'm trying to do the same on Sanrio as well. WE ARE GETTING MORE USERS BACK OMG.

    HEy, there

    Hope you doing good!
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