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  1. ~*Merry Christmas!*~
  2. *Ok, now for me, this isn't really fair. ^^
    They say in order to get an A, you have to get a 92-100. Is that true for you?*
  3. Oh, I actually entered my 2nd half of the semester well over a month ago >.<
    I guess they're so impatient where I live.
  4. Me too! >.< Oh, lucky people~.
  5. Thanks! I'm actually surprised that I found that much pictures at such a young age ^^
    Do you like school? I do
  6. Boo. >.< Well, good luck then~. I'm fifteen and it's embarrassing when people find out I've never dated. O.o Lol. So many people here are in relationships; I always see people kissing in the hallways. It makes me feel like some crazy jealous person...
  7. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your profile!
  8. Oh, ok!
    Your welcome! I'm thinking of creating a Birthday & Christmas album soon...
  9. Oh, wow, that little? I know at least five lesbians at my school, ten pansexual/bisexual girls... and we have a whole lot of gay and bisexual guys, and a transgender girl too.

    Does your school have a GSA? It's easy to be out of the closet at my school by joining the GSA, and that way I can know which girls like girls, and I can talk with LGBT+ people on a regular basis.

    That sounds like an annoying situation, at any rate.
  10. Thanks!
    Do you know how to decorate your profile using images? (So that you can decorate your profile christmas-y too! )
    I like both of your albums!
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