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  1. Um, hi?

    Did you explode? xD JK ^^
  2. Your profile pic is cute.
    What is it?
  3. Hey wanna be friends your avatar and profile pic is super cute ◕ ‿ ◕
  4. Your profile pic is really nice.
  5. hi do u want to be freinds
  6. Hi, chibilover. You might remember me from some of the forum posts. I can get to be a bit chatty online, especially here. But, I was wondering if we could be friends....
  7. i ish alrite cx annd O: i hasnt been on since like eva o.o
  8. Hi long time no c! how r u?
  9. I feel fine although i forgot how to do this one Homework assignment...like if none of my friends in my L.A class (there's only 1 -_-) doesn't answer the phone...then Imma just ask the teacher on monday and use a homework pass on it.
  10. I'm OK, just very, very exhausted.

    IThank you for saying I have a nice profile.

    I don't know if you remember your "red tea" comment from a few months ago (I'm reviewing our conversation) but I know about it. I have just never tasted it!

    I used to help out at the community centre (a private charity) where they had organic apple, peach and rose tea (actual rosebuds!) and it's really delicious. I think it's called Apple loves Peach. Maybe you want to check that out? (mind you, I think eating hte bits rehydrated is even tastier~yummy~ņom ņom)
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