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  1. Hi I like your profile XD
  2. Hi been a while since we gossiped LOL
  3. hi want to be friends? sent ya a request!
  4. chibilover78_@hellokitty.com : sweetieeee ! how are you ? ^^
  5. chibilover78_@hellokitty.com : how are you sweetie ? ^^
  6. , Chiblover78! Notice something different? (If not, I'll tell u. I can't wait to tell u!!! )
  7. Heehee! I get wat u mean! Life is WAAAY too precious to study instead of watching my fave cartoon! XD jk, jk!

    Anyways... I have a lotta exams and I cant go on the laptop as much as before anymore. *SIGH>>>*

    Sometimes you gotta sacrifice yourself, you know? I really wanna achieve a high level but I cant concentrate on my study books. Do I have to stick my eyeballs onto the writing and leave them there all night so they can memorise EVERY single word on the page?! Ugh... So annoyin...

    I hope you're doin well and I really wish you earn everything you want in life and more. May Allah always be with you, Amine! xxx Noeee xxx
  8. haha okay.. i dont get on much either o.o
    ima doin fine...... how bout chu?
  9. Hi how are you???
  10. Sheesh, yeah! I ain't gonna waste my time studying for the last days! XD
    Imma sleep, eat, pray, play and sleep some more I guess.
    Happy (late!) New Year!
    xxx Noeee xxx
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