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  1. *gets Darth Vader mask* Greetings *kzz* Earthling *kzz* or *kzz* like we used to say *kzz* in Club Penguin *kzz* "Greetings" *kzz* "Earth-thing" *kzz*

    Baby must really like your clothes hehe My cat once spit food at my Converse after petting herself on them when I was sitting down. It's a language only babies understand
    Last year, last year, after 3 years O.O and I shall dance like this at my graduation if I pass Chemistry and Physics with 100:

    Couldn't find it all in one picture sorry =D

    How have you been?
  2. Heya! It has been great!

    I hope you get a chance to visit every week or so
  3. Very good Penelope-chan, how about you?
  4. Yes, I love the books! And ya, the movies are SO MESSED UP. D:
  5. Try changing browsers.
  6. Hi! How's it a-goin?
  7. Hello Dear Friend! I had thought thy had disappeared where one may never find one!

    I've been great! How about you? Unless it's a super baby with baby powers hehe I hope you are all having a great time.
    I've been busy with it's-the-last-year-of-Middle-School-let's-give-them-extra-extra-projects-and-homework-to-do projects
    I'm very excited I'm going to get Doctor Who books when I graduate because of my grades (so far, last bimester I got 100 and this time I got 99).

    How have you been? How's your new family, Litte Baby Jr. Sr.?
  8. Thanks!

    Oh, I already added you
  9. YIPPEEE!!!

    Yes, you can And no, you don't need to do a summary unless if you already read it and want to do one
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