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  1. I'll see you tomorrow morning then ^_^

    Go ahead and look through my list of what all I have in my inventory. If you see anything you'd like I'll be happy to give it to you. If not, I have a ton of extra material and dyes and you can select some of the clothes from in-game. It wouldn't be any problem for me to sew them up really quickly.
  2. >.< I haven't been feeling well, so I haven't been in the game a few days.

    @BluePretty- I'm done in the game and would be really, really happy to make things or away things to people. Is he through New York? I have extra clothes from there. I also have enough things to be able to make more of the in-game furniture (all I would need is to grow the wood). I hope to see you in game soon

    @Chibilover- OMG that is so adorable!
  3. ..........(`v)
    ......... /█\ ♥/█\
  4. @chibilover- hi ^_^ yup, I remember. I just don't come to my profile often...

    @BluePretty- I probably won't be on today I need to go grocery shopping and need to do it before it might start more thunderstorms.
  5. Hi! It has been a while! How are you? Remember me??
  6. Yup, I got your messages ^_^
  7. It's completely random unfortunately. I've heard of people having to hit monsters hundreds of times before a card drops. However, leaftail is one of the cards I have that I'm trying to clear out from my inventory at http://forum.sanriotown.com/showthre...house-Clearout .If you'd like it, just let me know and we can arrange a time to meet ^_^
  8. I think HKO is facing some internal problems, a resrtucturing of sort. They need to work out a firm solution to shape up all loose parts. First, by reorganizing their resources. Fellow players have given some very good feedback but sadly, not much seen to be acted upon. HKO is a good ground, full of potential and I strongly believe it can grows much further. As for time being, fellow players like you, Auntdotti, Miki, Dudette, Brb, etc help bring this forum lively. Rikki & In-Game-Mop and all GMs are doing a great job, too. Keep it up, for our HKO. Keep i up, Auntdotti ^^
  9. I had a small group of people (who were the same age as me ._.;;) call me "Aunt Dotti" in college. Mainly because I was sort of a mother figure to them, yet not their moms (several of them had very bad relationships with their families). The name kinda stuck.
  10. I enjoy reading your postings. You have been very helpful to all fellow players. Just wonder why u used aunt. Is this short of aunty or does it means something else? Just curious ^^
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