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  1. i hear N from pokemon b/w is a bit simular to yellow btw.

    I don't really wanna spoil the games if you haven't really played them tho.
  2. I need to read the d/p/plt ark sometime XD

    I recall reading most of the ruby and sapphire ark i think, or a least a lot of it.

    Ruby had a cute personality, I recall that i liked the names he gave his pokemon :3 xD COCO THE DELCATTY! d'aww...co-ordenators are just precious<3;x3
  3. As for my book, lets just say it got lost instead. On a dog walk, maybe...or most definetely, and i wouldnt hold it agenst him either :P

    I rather not remember that girl anyways.

    I almost despised pokemon over her -_-; ( kind of true x_X; )

    But anyways....(and i still feel wary over playing the sinnoh games over those memories, alas...i did resent pearl quite a few times before totally ditchin' it tho xD; but i'll probly pik it up & play it religiously one day...*still gennerally luvs pkmn games anyways x)<3;x3*)

    Now *ahem*..

    ...I probably read the book (that i used to have) at least 4-5, or 6, times before i lost it, though. I'd think it was well-loved.

    I always enjoyed the way adventures portrayed the series a lot, anyways :3 Its...epic.

    XD ^_^ x) <3;

    again, i probly do relate to yellow's ark best. Plus, Yellow is just a real heart-melter^_^ >w<;; adorable spanish accent and cheerful speaking and just soo innocent and all-out sweet...*kawaii desu<3;x3*
  4. My playtime on soul silver version is probably pretty high though. I remember it being around 300 hours last time i checked...

    I've had games with higher playtimes, but anyways. I doubt 300 is anything compaired to a lot of those hard-core 'competitive types' that tend to EV train their partners, though. Some of those people could have around 1000 hours on maybe ONE game...

    Makes me feel soo casual :[

    Then again, i never really liked ev training much. It just...makes the game less fun...and i rather just have fun with my v-games anyways XD;
  5. Do you also play pokemon video games?

    I like training my monsters levels higher on soul silver version sometimes! XD i'm kinda getting more into manga over video games currently right now i guess though.

    I used to spend like HOURS, hours! messing around with glitches on g/s/c roms (and a yellow one as well) about 3-4 years ago, though. That was epic...g/s/c missingno.

    I tend to.. love pokemon glitches. they make the games feel weirder.
  6. I see ya like answerin' me back on your own look up! Fine by me x)

    Yeah, i'll start my group soon enouth. :P And you'll be one of my first invites!!^^

    And, I like your avatar, too! Cabalerro-Chan (called that just to avoid too many spoilage XD; not that it really matters, of course...) looks just soo ADORABLE there!! Awww^-^ nwn;;

    I tend to always get into Yellow's ark most, usually XD maybe i feel a sense of relation to the aversion agenst fighting and stuff...and the 'simplex'(XD)/cheerful way Yellow tends to 'talk' with all the pokemon is just sooo cute<3; espesally the convos with pika x)
  7. Yay! Yeah, I like Yellow, too! I like all the arcs!! >.< Oh I hope in the Platinum arc that the all the other Pokedex Holders will show up to help Diamond, Pearl and Platinum!!

    Oh I'm sooo sorry about your book!

    I wanna chat with u too!
  8. well now i wanna read more pokespecial XD i liked yellow's ark best! cya, i wna chat pokÚspecial with u next time ur on!^^

    ~your dear pal, santa123fawr~^___^
  9. Concider me your first friend here, mi amigo! *such a fan..**<3;*

    Who's your favorite pokespecial characters? :3...I tend to like Yellow best^^ but Gold was really funny XD

    I mostly just read the r/b/g/y arks, though. I used to read them at the book store too! I always found the Yellow ark pretty...well, technecly a term for 'extremely cool' or something like that XD I liked it.

    I lent my book about red vs the elite 4 to the meanest girl i knew though.

    >_>; yep...i'll never see that book again for the rest of my life. :|
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