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  1. you only mensioned one ice type as a fav o.o; strange..*was pretty sure i read GLACEON and GLALIE* xD;

    poor me. i must have ice pokemon on the brain a little after looking up the cubchoo ep's pictures on serebii...

    btw sry i tend to talk a lot :|

    i'll try to make this my last post now xD;

    Galade is awesome BTW. *i have a level 50 one, myself xD;*

    ~santah is now done flooding your page~
  2. ....

    Dwelus also has 2 heads.



    over thought for sure

  3. i might read pokemon special about now after i go to the bathroom.

    im glad i talked more about pokemon this time^^ i do think that time of month is coming up tho....

    gaah. this is one of several downfalls ta being a girl.

    :| *shrugs* Well, thats life for ya! *smile's and laughs, then..smirks a bit. smuggly. pwah..**shrugs againxD;*

  4. Crystagonal has 'crystal' in its name.


    It'd be awesome if it turns out you also trained one.

  5. I don't think i ever really cared for meat much, even before disiding it felt too 'icky' (maybe my love for cats, dispite not being able to really LIVE with one, lead to this...) about it.

    I dunno. I had difficulties digesting chicken as a kid. :/ It like...would hurt my throat and stuff i think. It was just too scary and overly dramatic for me to even want to bother with...

    And hotdog skin tasted like..i won't say. it wasn't all too plesent.

  6. On topic with Unovas...soooo i see ya like ice types huh. Crystagonal, anyone?



    rather interesting bunch, really. I swear Crystagonal's ment to be an Eldritch Abomination....plus the whole 'melting' thing (gaaah, i wonder if u know what im pointing at here....Mr. Howard Philups maybe >.>; *COUGH*).
  7. Ahh. A lot of people seem to really like scizor, i think...i doubt your alone!

    I think he's pretty cool, i kinda like Dodrio better though. Kinda...interesting, and even a bit intimidating, with those 3 heads and all...

    Plus, Yellow use's one...well later on anyways :P (maybe, in a sense, hydreigon is a shout out to this pokemon for that very reason...ya know, 3 heads and all. maybe i just over thought it too much tho...*this is commen with me*)
  8. hahaha...! that's cool. im not vegetarian so i eat meat. i have other favorite pokemon: froslass, scizor (did i mention this one yet), gallade, lucario, leafeon, and also latias..>,< crystal does sound like a beautiful color...
  9. why did i ask a question i shoulda known the answer to?....
  10. Crystal sounds like a beautiful color, btw...

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