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  1. Let's see: Encantóme la manera en que tradujiste mi última oración, aprendí una nueva palabra en inglés y te agradezco por ello.

    ----> I loved the way [in which] you translated my last sentence, I learnt a new word in English and I thank you for that.

    Encantóme -->Non-standard way of Me encantó = I loved; tradujiste, traducir = [you] translated, to translate; te agradezco, agradecerse = I thank you, to thank someone.

    Por/para are difficult conjunctions for English speakers to learn. Por means different things, but in this case I use it to express the cause of my thanks (ello, which substitues for "aprendí una nueva palabra en inglés"). Por is cause (the why, which is the reason "por qué?" contains a "por") and para is the means to and end ("¿Para qué vas a la iglesia?" is 'why you go to church?' but literally translated is 'For what you go to chruch?' or "what do you get out of going to church?").
  2. Really? How much younger? 'Cuz mine is like 11 months younger (Actually, it's exactly 10 months and 26 days; but hey, who's counting?)

    XD That's good that you can understand guys. Most girls don't really understand them so they misread the signals a lot (OMG He likes me! No, he doesn't) but what can you do about it?

    Yes, I used to be bullied a lot. I'm not fond of Primary school at all. You were bullied? when?
  3. -_-
    It's hot and I have allergies and my head hurt in math

    mood; irritated.
  4. He's too shy and guarded for his own good! I think he likes you, but it's hard to say. Sometimes I really hate shy people lol. I suppose that as long as you can be as certainly sure as possible that he's open to the idea of going out with you that's good, right?

    And of course your friends are awesome. That's the way it should be.

    It's not really a lot of boys, just a lot of stalkers. Just my luck. There's a couple more boys that either like me or are open to the idea of going out with me (and one of them has a girlfriend), but that's it. You probably have more boys lost in puppy love than you realise. I'm used to realising these things since a) I used to be bullied a lot so I needed to pick up on personal cues and b) I've got a brother so I now how guys think.

    Encantóme la manera en que tradujiste mi última oración, aprendí una nueva palabra en inglés y te agradezco por ello.
  5. O kk I'm done w/t mines 4 now we have 2 do da half of da ?'s nxt week. Da ELA test da math eh... so-so
  6. hey all, it's Reyna!! What's up?? Sorry I haven't posted in my blog in foreverrrrr!! I only come on the computer @ school now and the blog is blocked. -_-
    Ah, I got my schedule for next yr, mostly fun things. AP Spanish, gov/econ, AP English, Careers w/Kids (for 2 classes I get to go work @ a preschool!), and maybe cooking. Hah, it should be a blast!!
    I'm still crushing on my friend, I believe it's been about a year now actually. Still haven't told, still hasn't figured it out. :/

    Mood: bored
  7. It seems we have stumbled onto our first rock here: Ciudad = City, not careful (careful = cuidado/cuidadoso). Poesía = poetry. And I love the metaphors Federico García Lorca uses to describe the world (in Spanish you can drop the subject and it will be perfectly understandable), not the metaphors that are used to describe the world (because that would be las metáforas que se usan para describir al mundo).

    You've done great, though, considering you haven't been learning Spanish for that long. So now we know verbs and new vocab are your weaknesses. Good, you can improve on that!

    Soy una persona bastante inquieta, de muchos intereses y pasatiempos. Estoy segura de que también eres así.
  8. Well, I used to have three, but now it's down to two. There's this guy who works at the venture centre that likes me a lot and left at my door the creepiest Valentine gift ever (with lots of pints of champagne and stuff). The other one it's in Panama, and thankfully I've managed to severe all contact with him. And the third one finally got over it and got a girlfriend. Although I don't think he loves my friend much.

    Oh, so no more news in your love life? (and did anything happen with him?)
  9. Im gud well 2morrow I'm goin 2 take da CST OMG!!!
  10. Hi! It's been a while since we last gossip!
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