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  1. Yeah, Jack is probably my favorite pony! She's calmer than the others in my opinion and she's also very helpfull^^ <3

    Naah, you don't need to ask why I thought anyone was mad at me (I appoligize for any unplesant drama...). It was a misunderstanding between me and a dear friend, anyways. But we made it up and things are fine now. No worries!^^

    Annd I hope your Easter was really nice^^

  2. You know, my tribne, the know-it-alls (not that I know everything... but that's what I get called in jest!), sometimes need a little bit of sense smacked into us. So change the topic even if you have to do it so blatantly he'll notice!!!

    It's been a while, though. Are you still crushing on him?

    And of course that was a deep feeling, from a frustrated person. I have a bit of a stalker here. It's infuriating!

    Ciudad sin sueño y El otoño son mis poemas favoritos del gran Federico Gracía Lorca; ¡me encanta las metáforas que usa para describir al mundo en su poesía!
  3. YOUR A GIRL???????????????

  4. I'm alright, I just hope no one's mad at me...(maybe we'll e-mail over it sometime)

    Cool Apple Jack picture^^ I like her^^
  5. well, I can't really identify with you in that regard because in my group of friends I'm the one that bores everybody else with the science stufff!!! (I love science)

    That's cute of you that you listen anyway You might learn something. Have you ever tried to steer subtly the conversation topic towards something you'd like more???

    Qué problema es el amor. Es tan complejo y confuso que a veces hace que me quiera arrancar los pelos.

    (let's see how complicated we can do until you no longer understand).
  6. Soooo I didn't go see The Hunger Games sadly, but I still will get to Saturday!! Even though my friend is gonna see it tonight but whatever! He can still come. UGH I feel like I have a cold but it's allergies. ************************ spring.

  7. Now a$$ is a swear word? I know sario censrosd it, but then again, hey also censor s3x. Then the Brits are more lax about that stuff 'cuz I hear it all the time over here O.o

    Cool, so I'm going to leave you with a little sentence at the end of my messages in Spanish so you practice and build your vocab. Is that OK? (and no cheating, that is, Google Translate or anything)

    I'm glad he's super smart, that way you won't get bored with him if/when you become an item, I meann, it wouldn't work out if a smart girl like you started to go out with a silly boy!

    Well, I don't believe his friend... But anyway, I'm over here and you're over there, so I really can't judge XD

    Estoy cansada porque trabajo mucho y me levanto temprano todos los días.
  8. It's raining, finally
    I'm going to go see The Hunger Games after class, haha and then again w/friends on Saturday!!

    Feeling~ excited
  9. Mmmm... Maybe sooner than we know you might be able to write to me back in Spanish!

    Oh, lala! Fancy! I do hope he's smart. There's no worse sentence than fancying someone dumb (I've been there myself). "Bro code" my a$$, you were the one that asked him to find out so he should tell you. I think it's because he either knows that:

    1.he fancies you and doesn't tell you to see how everything plays out (so, he's trolling)
    2.he doesn't and so your friend doesn't tell you to not hurt your feelings

    I think it could go either way, this is so infuriating!!!!
  10. Nice avartr
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