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  1. Actually, more into Riku from the Kingdom Hearts games now (though i can't play most of them i don't care cuz he's still a cutie!!!)...and i'm okay.

    Though I have a headache at the moment.

  2. hello !
  3. That's nice. Is the teacher s3xy? Because (aside from the fact he could make one of the most boring subjects ever exciting) I <3 my very s3xy History teacher. And he was so nice and gentlemanliek too!

    Very few people do well on Maths. I do well on Maths but only after it finally "stuck" in my head (before that it was a loooooooong time fo mediocrity and near-failure in Maths).

    ¡De nada! Gracias por el cumplido, es lindo de tu parte. Se nota que de veras te aplicas al idioma (no me canso de repetir eso)
  4. Hi long time no c how r u?
  5. Oh, it's alright. My brother is almost 18 anyway so I guess he'll just have to live with it XD It's good that you take good care of your little brothers (You know Mama Bears? I'm a Wolf Sis!)

    That's ace! You know, in a way you remind me of when I was learning English (not that I have stopped learning), 'cuz I was very much like you, always trying to learn stuff!

    Your Spanish language class sounds kind of boring. I should know, I used to get bored out of my mind in my English class. I hope you are doing well in school! I mean, if you're this awesome already!!!!

    ¡Eres una chica sumamente inteligente así que estoy contenta que nos hayamos podido conocer aquí en sanrio!
  6. Anything in [...] is something that's implied but not outright stated in Spanish.

    And I know these seems horribly complicated but it isn't, you'll get it down with practice. And hey, new words are always welcome.

    That's today's lesson. I won't say anything else in Spanish until you answer me so I can be sure you (sort of) understood all this (not that I think you aren't smart or anything, it's just that I think it's a lot of new stuff for now).
  7. Amar personas, cosas----> To love, but passionately and completely. This is the highest type of love there is, and is only reserved for parents (and even then isn't employed that much) and for your partners/boyfriends (although with boyfriends "querer" is usually employed because it implies tenderness). Is very situational. And in some countries is considered so strong it isn't said at all. (In Panama we do say "amar" for a lot of things). When you love ("amar") things, you're implying you can't live without that. Like: "Amo escribir" ---> "I love writing [because it's everything there's for me/it's part of myself/what makes me tick]".
  8. Adorar ---> To adore, but it implies "love because of the way something is" in Spanish. "Adoro el amanecer" is "I love the [way the] sunrise [is]". "Adoro tu voz" ---> "I love your voice" because your voice, the way you sing, is particularly lovely. You can "adore" (so to speak) activities, too. And people (when you use "adorar" with people it usually gets translated to "adore").
  9. Encantar gente---> To charm people; like when we say "the little girl is charming", "la pequeñuela encanta".

    Encantarse gente, cosas---> To love people, things but it's different; "Me encantas" is "I love you" (but not "love, love" more like "love, desire"), but "me encanta el fútbol/balómpie" is "I love football".

    Encantar cosas---> To charm objects, like in Harry Potter.

    (before we move on to the next verb, you should be aware that there's "encanto" or "charm" and there's "encantamiento" or "charm". "El encanto de su sonrisa" ---> "The charm of her smile" ; "La clase de Flitwick se llama Encantamientos" ---> "Flitwick's class is called Charms")
  10. So, before you get further confused with "encantó, encantar", you need to know that Spanish has many, many verbs for love. You need to be aware that there's a hierarchy:

    From weakest "love" to strongest: Gustar, querer, encantar, adorar, amar. "Gustar" is basically like, so we'll drop that. They're situational, they mean different things when employed differently.

    Querer personas ---> To love people; like your friends and family. It's the generic "love" verb. "Quiero mis amigos" is "I love my friends".

    Querer cosas, actividades ---> To want things, to want to do activities; this no longer means "to love". there's another verb hierarchy for these kind of thing, but we are talking abotu love here so we'll drop this (don't think too much about this).
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