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  1. cách trị nấm da đầu bằng bia (bệnh ecpet mảng tṛn), là một dạng viêm nhiễm dưới chân tóc, do nấm là “thủ phạm” chính. Nấm da đầu biểu hiện ra bên ngoài dưới dạng các các loại thuốc trị nấm da đầu , thành các mảng tṛn rộng. Hay xuất hiện với những mảng màu trắng, đóng thành vảy các loại dầu gội trị nấm da đầu
  2. Hey!How are you?Havent seen you in a while.
    Your profile is nice.
  3. Hoya!Want to be friends,Mate?
  4. Good!
    May I ask you where you got your signature?
    ( It's cool :O )
  5. Hellooooooooooo again! ^^~
    How are you?
  6. Do you have a gaiaonline account?
  7. Because they are my most unflattering pair of pants and i see the person i dont really want seeing me when i wear them.
    P.S.Tell me if you find an emulator.
  8. I guess being scared of everything as a child paid off cause now im hardly ever scared.But i also got freaked when you were running and heartless would just appear and chase you.
    The only game im creeped out by now is my dads game called cabela's dangerous hunts 2011.The part im scared of is when its dark out and a whole bunch of wolves come out of nowhere and start attacking you.I still have not gotten pats that part.>_<
    Putting the email addresss just adds them as your contact not your friend.
  9. My sister wants to find a cheap playstation 2 so we can play it.
    And Soras shadow was way freaky because he was huge,had weird hair,freaky eyes,and he moved around extra creepy.
    I was yelling at Sora to stop moving or it would get way creepy.But like any other game,he didnt listen.
    It didnt help that back then i was scared of like every game i played.
    I played Neopets Darkest Fairie for playstation 2,and i stayed in the city because i was scared of the theives.
    So i was a HUGE scaredy cat.
    P.S.Do you know how to send friend requests,cause i dont.
  10. Thank you! I like yours, too!
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hello! my name is heaven. i used to be very active on this site a few years ago, however i've moved on! if you'd like to contact to me, you can send an ask to my tumblr or add me on discord! kiddo#1587


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