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  1. Btw, I'm sorry for taking this long to answer, despite being online... I kind of have given up on you and then I refresh the page and Voilá! Santa is on once more... And I didn't answer...

    I'm feeling a bit guilty right now...
  2. I'm offended (just kidding)... How can I not be strange? Or you, santa, for that matter. We are different. and we're awesome and wholy unconventional. That's strange to me. Or just my general awesomness giving "strange" a proper definition

    I'm glad we understand each other so well. I'm looking forward a very fruitful friendship with you. It's going to be ace!!!!

    One day, when I have enough money, I'm packing up to the States to meet you. And there's no discussion about it. You can bring your family along to the airport!!! (I know how people are with pervs on the Internet!!!).

  3. Ah, yes. Tinkerbell. You know her name in Spanish? Campanita (Cuhm-pah-NEE-tah). It means Little Bell. How cute is that? <3 Honestly, I think it is one of the best franchises of Disney. I have seen all the movies up to date (they are slowly declining in quality, but still pretty good). I still like the first one best.

    I also like the Fairytopia franchise from Mattel. Again, I've seen all the movies up to date, and the best one I think it's the one about Mermaidia.

    I agree that there's a difference between pretty and cute. Pretty is like Barbie, not quite beautiful, but miles away from ugly... Cute... Cute on the other hand, can even be ugly. That's why ugly cute exists! I guess it appeals to the *very deeply hidden* parental instincts of people. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  4. I don't think I'm allowed to melt at your cuteness, santa. My mum woudl scold me for making a mess in the carpet of my brother's room. I'll try to stare in awe instead, ok?

    XD Sabotaging Ken... Sounds good fun to me *evil grin on* Count me on board.

    I agree "disliking" dolls is an independence issues. All little girls want to feel like women. Honestly, I prefer them "disliking" Barbies than dressing sexily. The world is too rotten nowadays. But enough of that depressing topic.

    I guess it helps the "all ages" appeal of Barbie that is very collectible. I wanted to collect the "around-the-world" edition, you know, the one with all the folkloric dresses? I hope they relaunch it soon. I'm doing htat with traditional dolls, thanks to my grandma who travels so much. I have dolls with folkloric dresses from Thailand, China, Holland, Mexico and Panama (but of course. I hope to expand it. I'm going to buy one from the Isle of Man (a Celtic nation) and one of Wales when I go there.
  5. Hehe, I feel proud of myself... ALL of your respect??? That's a pretty big thing to give. I'll try and not get my ego inflated.

    Don't worry, I won't tell him you thought that way about him *ahem*. Besides, he's too busy being a geek playing Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition, so don't think it over too much with that pretty little head of yours.

    Yes, we should feinitely talk about dreams. Preferably through e-mail so we can say everything we want without being restricted by this annoying character limit (how much it is anyway? I keep panicking I may lose all my messages that I just so lovingly typed!).

    And don't worry about going on and on foreverwhen e-mailing me, I enjoy reading. I'll read anything!!! (which has, quite unfortunately, gotten me in a couple of embarrassing situations I'd rather not talk about ever).
  6. XD

    My mum looks very European... I remember when we went to the States the first time and the customs guy looked at my grandparents and my mum and my Uncle Eduardo (he likes to travel, you know) and then looked at us and they had to whip out our birth certificates 'cuz they couldn't believe we were siblings, let alone the offspring of a very European-looking woman from a very Spanish looking family...

  7. I forgot to mention Idon't have a mole, and I have wide shoulders and my eyes are smaller and light brown (I hate my eyes... both my parents have big eyes but my bro and me got stuck with small eyes)

    How do you look like???

    My brother looks like this Indonesian guy:

    they're even the same skin tone!!!

    But again, his cheekbones are higher, his lips are fuller (and pinker!), he's thinner, smaller eyes, longer eyelashes, greek profile, wider nose (Native American-ish) and a small jawline cherub-ish like mine (that and around the eyes are the only thing we are alike). HE doesn't really have wide shoulders, I'm the more corpulent of the two...

    We make an odd pair.
  8. I look like her, if she was a bit younger:

    But my hair is nappy, my cheekbones are higher, my lips are more clasically shaped, I have a Greek profile (so my nose doesn't go down, unlike hers) but is really wide (think Native American-ish), my jawline is like my avatar's, my face is smaller, and I'm not a D-cup but a C-cup (and I would never dress like that). And I'm darker.

    I look more like an Arab than anything else, but not quite... I'm a mish-mash of races...

    (actually, Arabs are white, they just get tan because... well, the desert sun)
  9. Yeah, Barbie was awesome on TS3! She was the best characters and had more balls than Ken.... XD

    I hate people who say they hate Barbie. You know that deep down all girls long for a Barbie....

    Well, I'm kind of strange ain't I???
  10. Yes we agreee...

    I actually like Barbie. Despite the fact that she's really, she's a strong independent woman who has a job (Barbie Doctor, Barbie, Nurse, Barbie, Teacher, the one that dealt with the gymanstics champion ,etc) and she wasn't afraid to leave Ken for a guy she thought was better than her.

    Indeed, Farytopia...!

    I have very dark skin but I'm not a black person... XD (my skin is like solid bronze and I look like an Arab woman, but with a bigger nose like an indigenous person) The hair comes from my great-great-grandma from the side of my dad's mother.

    My brother looks like a malay man XD We look nothing alike!
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