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  1. lol yeah sometimes. I would also pretend to be her in my backyard. It was kind of weird cuz I would talk to myself cuz I was an only child back then....And holly?? o_O EH?
    Aw u were scared of her?
    Lol u aren't evil...! And I thought u were like 14? :/
  2. Aww cute avatar cya tomorrow!!!!
  3. I actually dunno how i am fairly ************************, what friend code?
  4. Ehhum, Actually it used to be hg/ss but i have diamond! Will it work during a walkthrough?
  5. lol I record my dreams sometimes as well =}
    I dream of alot of things, but never anything Harry Potter...YET!! ^^"
    When I was little I used to dream of being a sailor scout! Sailor Sun, with a cat named Solar and a dog named Sunbeam lol
    My dream journal even has interpretetions!
    Hey y'know what Idk abt you? Do U have a blog?
  6. Wait which version, AND WHO THE hay is Bill?
  7. Who's the worst character for yu? for me its bowser, he's the WORST!!!!!!

    IM NOT LYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh oh oh!!!!! Have ya ever heard of super mario rpg legend of the seven stars????????????????????????????????????

    ITS EPIC, i rock at it, (Dont worry its rated E everyone) Its not bad. Just things like SHADDUP! or SHUT UP! or WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!? and its tough,

    Recommend looking at the videos on youtube, Ah anyways Lol sorry, o.o.

    Any tips on getting and eevee? no? oh well just tell me when ya do :3 ^^
  8. Yeah I just noticed that. ^^ Btw thanks for the compliment. I <3 My Melody!!! I used My Melody's colors to decorate my page. ^^
  9. @below @_@ i didnt make sense ************************ me...
  10. Shruggy shrug it doesnt matter, AND OOH EM GEE ITS NEAR MIDNIGHT ON HKO FORUM O_O 11:00 YOUR KIDDING,

    also i like jirachi, In any of the games by the way, do you know how to catch an eevee?

    I want him to turn into Umbreon or Espeon. (Depends if my liking over Umbreon changes into Glaceon, or Espeon.)

    I think Espeon is pretty and Umbreon is epic, But if its epic. Tell ya this, I like epic.
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About santa123fawr@hellokitty.com
I'm a fairy and a pokemon fan xD

Shalour city? :o
Cute things, Pokemon, Flowers, Korrina, dressing girly
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I AM Santa123fawr

I have a crush on Korrina from Pokemon x and y that....i feel i need to tell the whole net about cuz it's real big and stuff o.o;

My gender is irrelevant, have a nice day now.
And I didn't make my awesome av :3 xD


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