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  1. Serena(セレナ) is a beautiful girl. She want to be a Kalos Queen. I look like she love Ash(サトシ/Satoshi). Which do you like her short hair style or long hair style?
  2. I have Nintendo 64 (last time I tried to play it didn't work anymore, but I haven't checked it again...), a GameCube and a DSi XL.
    For the N64 I have Hey You, Pikachu!, Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Snap. I don't have any pokemon games for the GameCube but we would rent Super Smash Bros Melee sometimes and it has pokemon in it. And for the DSi XL I have White 1 and 2.
  3. I'd really like to play X and Y, but I don't have the right console
    Maybe I'll try to get it in the future
  4. You're welcome
    Yep, they are cute!!!
    Also, what are kind bars?
  5. Barbies are excellente ^^ Do you know the song Barbie Girl by Aqua? I fell in love with that song about 3 years ago and it's kind of so & so

    ANYTHING, and I DO mean ANYTHING, related to Japan is gonna be cute, we just need to get used to it

    The whole Pikachu family is cute! Raichu is not as cute as Pichu & Pikachu, but it's still cool!!!

    Sorry, I'm drinking a Blue Raspberry Slushie right now, so I'm typing this about 1000 mph right now ^_^ lol
  6. Yeah, maybe I'll look for it when money's doing better
    I played it for some time but you have to use Internet to be able to see the pokemon and I can't use my phone's Internet outside of my house because, again, not a lot of money, I have to save the little money it has left for important calls, so I haven't played it in a while since mostly only Growlithe shows up in my house and I already have like 20
  7. I didn't even have Black/White when I got White 2, since they were no longer available in any stores in my town, so I skipped it but I hope I can get to play them some time
    Have you played Pokemon Go?
  8. Things that I grew up with will be and already are very special to me since it brings back nostalgia of when I was young.

    I know, right? Pikachu is so adorbs!
  9. Sorry, never check my private messages here. I realized that. I'm getting mixed messages about your age (I actually realized I might be mistaken) and sorry if it comes across as rude to you! It is hard to read peoples ages and often genders, and at some point assumption takes over.
  10. It was bright blue. I wear skirts at home and for school uniform but now that I'm about to start college I don't have to use a uniform anymore
    Woah, she's definitely an action girl!
    I didn't know cinnamoroll was a dog! They always looked like bunnies to me!
    I played Pokemon White 2, I got it for my 16th birthday, but I haven't played it lately and I still haven't finished the game. Maybe I'll look for it today.
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