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  1. Glitchy Charizard? That's one I've never heard of... Wow... it's amazing there were so many glitches in the first three games, but it's kinda cool to learn about. XD And it can evolve into two completely separate pokemon! That's hilarious!

    The Beatles all have kinda long hair, but for some reason it reminds me of them.

    Really, completing such a task is kind of a reward in itself. So I can see why you'd do it. You crazy super-catcher-people. XP

    Aw thanks, you're fun to talk with, also.
  2. do you wanna be fweindz?
  3. um... how do i make a blog entry?
  4. Hey thre!!!how r u?
  5. Yeah there's like three glitch things aren't there? I dunno. D: I was pretty fascinated when I first found out about them though.

    You get a certificate?! That's not even like a pat on the head for catching all of 'em! Talk about stingy.

    XD Deino reminds me of The Beatles, actually! Wow! He does look neat, though.
  6. Oh wow, thats crazy. I was really shocked when I first found out what Missingno was, because I thought it was a virus or something.

    Guess what? I get to google Dieno now. XD

    So does something good happen when you fill a pokedex? I've never done it... Not even close.
  7. Its doing good!
  8. My one friend used an action replay a lot, and he somehow made the main character Missingno. O_o It kinda freaked me out, then one day all his pokemon turned into them. It was weird!

    His PC got locked up? From using an action replay? Huh... o.o Wonder why.

    What about dratini? Do you like them? My sister's obsessed! XD
  9. Yeah, I think it was a mermaid, I don't really remember. Her hair turned pink to orange, and there was another one with blue to purple.

    Yeah, getting separated from people you're close with is the worst. Maybe you could make a post on the "Friends" forum and ask if anyone heard or knew her?

    Ivysaur is awesome, but I also like Charmander. And strangely enough, Clefairy, though its not a starter.
  10. wat is amnie??I've never heard of her.And no.Its a character that was in So R@nom and was in MacKenzie falls.
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