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  1. I used to be on another forum, but left.

    However, I am on discord.
  2. Oh that sounds good I was asking because I lkie to categorize each year with different things, whether that would be music, shows, toys, etc

    Yeah, I have some characters that I really love as well
  3. Thanks!!! I edited the pic a bit with this app called Aviary. Itís a great app to use to edit your photos!

    Korrina seems like one of those characters that I would really like, but to be honest I prefer the Pokemon characters and episodes from the beginning of the series up until like 2013 or so.

    Yeah, I prefer tomboyish characteristics over girly characteristics as well

    Well, that sounds good. Donít let others bring you down

    Do you know when Korrina first appeared? (like the year and/or episode)
  4. Yep, thatís true

    What else do you want to talk about?
  5. The game I linked seems to been released for a couple Nintendo systems.

    It can be ps1 digital or disc for ps3.

    I much rather not see the game revived. They did shut off the patch server, so you'll be unable to patch the game, if you choose to reinstall. That's how I found out in the first place. They should fix sanriotown issues, though.
  6. I bought http://store.steampowered.com/app/37...riends_Racing/ as a joke,but other than that, I don't play Hello Kitty related games.

    The PS1 game can be played on PS3.

    Yes, that's what support told me, but they also said that it was not officially down.
  7. I might have to ask Sanriotown support to lock some forums, since they no longer need any new posts or threads.

    The health thread should be locked imo.
  8. I know you've been active here, but lately I've been becoming less active. I've been moving on to other places, but still come here to deal with hko questions (if any).

    These days, I wonder how long this site will remain up.
  9. I was into Goth stuff back in 2014 after being taught about it in English class & watching South Park too ^^

    No, I donít think you would be flamed since youíre such an awesome person

    Thanks! My senior year leading up to college will DEFINITELY and HOPEFULLY make it be worth it
  10. Hey, I understand. That's why I didn't say anything bad to you, I figured I would be glad if you're okay whether you still want to talk with m or not. I don't know how much you remember of our PMs and e-mails, but I did tell you some about my autistic uncle. Of course, you're not the same person as he is nor are you dealing with the same types of pressures and challenges, however, I get that meltdowns are things that happen. It helps a lot that I'm older and more mature now. Maybe it didn't seem like it, but back when we talked I was just 16, so I congess to feeling very hurt. I accept your apology, and I also want to apologise, because I should have known better and reached out to you.

    I'm very glad we're friends again, sweetie!
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