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  1. Im good just im a little light headed.oh and thanks im never going to change my avatar!!!!!
  2. Hey!How are you doing??
  3. Aw, that stinks. -_-; Hope your headache goes away soon.

    See, it wasn't a real strong smell, but enough to make you think, "What the heck is wrong here?!" And we didn't even notice it at first, so we didn't think it was the flowers.

    I hope you wouldn't end up in the hospital, jeez! O,O

    Yep, I like a lot of spicy foods. Do you? Do you have any favorite foods?(spicy or not?)
  4. I think the game designers just had to make an awesome pokemon really hard to get. Just to be mean!

    Yep, I think the need for strategy along with some of the puzzles. (Ruins of Alph, Ice Cave, ect) But you know, I still can't memorize some of the newer 'types' strengths and weaknesses. e_o What about you? Have you got them all down?

    Speaking of flowers and smells... My Mom and I went to pick wild flowers when I was little.(5 I think) and we saw these blue-purple ones on the side of the road, so we pulled over and picked some, got back in the car and a mile or so later the car started smelling like bad eggs. O_O It's amazing that some flowers can smell bad, isn't it? Whew yuck. XD So we threw them out the window and went home anyway.

    Hope you're having a good day!
  5. O_O woah this is late..i haven't been on in like a YEAR lol
  6. santa123fawr:Can you tell me how to get to your blog?
  7. santa123fawr@hellokitty.com : i'm great ! i miss you guys ! ^^ woah ! you always love pokemon .. ^^
  8. Level 65? O____o;; That's... complete craziness.

    Maybe it's because you can sort of 'raise' monsters without that 'virtual pet' feel to them? Feeding, walking, litter box cleaning...I don't know. Whatever it is, they did a good job on the games.

    Short or not, sunflowers are awesome. I don't think they smell though, do they? I don't remember.
  9. Yeah, pokemon definitely had an appeal to it that a lot of other games didn't have. I wonder what it is?

    Life is pretty strange, but the great thing about getting older is that people don't make as many decisions for you. It's your turn to do it. :3

    But on a side note, if you ever need to talk about anything, don't hesitate to tug on my ear. I'm goofy a lot of times, but I can be down to earth. Just sayin'.

    Anyway, did you have the mega tall sunflowers as a kid? Did you eat the seeds in the fall time? Or aren't they edible?

    If I ever buy that game and catch a Hydreigon, I'mma name him "EvilFlowerMon" XD I bet that has too many letters though.

    Ah shoot, I forgot to write out that email! D: I'll do it now while I'm thinking about it!
  10. why can't you play it its a awesome game nice people and hello kitty and sanrio friends rock. if your parents let you go to forums wish they would let you go to HKO but maybe some day you can it be nice. its for kids and teenagers and adults all ages. well sorry u can't maybe some day it be nice well bye bye for now
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