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  1. Yes, you're still going to love flowers. And, yeah, American stereotypes are High Octane Nightmare fuel because they're too limited, but I meant exactly what I said (I try to adjust my cultural perceptions when talking to people of different countries).

    I was just joking, btw (that's why I said "Are you going tomboy on me?"), so don't worry too much about it.

    Nah, drama is just an over-complication of life. I like my life simply and tidy, I don't have much patience for melodramatic people. Sometimes, because of the overcomplication of everything, drama can become an excuse for bullying. However, I' a firm believer in the "reasons but not excuses" camp. Drama may be a reason for bullying but it does not justify it.
  2. i answered back the email! ^^
  3. what do you usually do on your spare time Santa? For me I have always loved reading novels. <3 but im not the romantic type really..i like a story with more mystery in it. kind of the detective type. anyways have to get lunch now.its past noon here. byeee for now!^^
  4. Your name Melissa is nice.. and a cute meaning too! But if you wanted Misa then its great too then..since that is Japanese, and meaning ''Beautiful sand''.. ^^ my irl name is Melanie. which also from greek ''melaina''..it means black or dark.. i wanted to be called Lajie more cause it sounds more girly..^^ dont you think? my bf prefers Melanie anyway.lol..
  5. Hi Santa! actually the cattleya flower is from the orchid family. but yeah it kinda looks like from iris family..

    Bout the girl who bullied you..i bet she feels sorry for herself right now..doing something bad to someone never gives the evildoer a good feeling in the long run..^^ at least that is over now.. dont worry i will try to organize a group in tofi's future school to stop kids from bullying each other.. ^^
  6. I can't believe that you didn't even had a Disney toy. I mean, you live in the USA! Should be easy to get one...

    What, you're turning tomboy on me now?? I thought you were more on the "girly-girl" side of the spectrum. Ah, well; people change.

    I'm glad there's a fellow Pocahontas fan. Too bad the movie wasn't so good... (Although, Colours in the Wind is still one of my favourite songs ever)

    I told you, your messages are too long. You need to put them in sizeable chunks. This doesn't happen to me any more because after so much of it happening to me (ANNOYING!) I've got a "feel" for the maximum message length.

    But anyway, good night
  7. I know. It's like I need salt. My fires are literally "drenched" in salt when I eat them. Well, of course us human beings need salt, but I don't think we need it quite to the degree I eat it.

    I don't like PETA either. As I've mentioned before, they sacrifice dogs and cats en masse. they're not very honest about what they do, they're like Sacha Baron Cohen movies: attention-seeking, shocking and ultimately inconsequential. (OK, Sacha Baorn cohen isn't quite as inconsequential as PETA, he's some of an influence in modern cinema and comedy).
  8. I know it comes from baby cow's stomachs. At least natural rennet. There's vegetable rennet nowadays. And it still doesn't gross me out because I'm such an omnivore. I mean, the way I see it, I like cows and everything but they're my food.

    Of course little kids bully. All humans bully at some point or another, the bad thing is when we get stuck in that behaviour, when we actually drive people to suicide and such. That's bad. Bullying in itself isn't, it's part of peer pressure and learning to live as a society.
  9. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I do too, maybe if the 3D was more on Pixar's level instead of plastic-looking... Or maybe just at the level of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it would be better. Unfortunately, that would be too expensive. I concur, cartoon-format was way cuter!

    My favourite Disney Princess is Pocahontas, hands down. She always stands up for herself and stuff. My favourite of the Disney Princess franchise (even though she isn't a princess) is Mulan because she's awesome and a problem solver even when her whole culture is against her.

    My cousin had an Ariel doll, and since I quite liked her, I was sooo jealous of her. I begged and begged for an Ariel doll, but they weren't imported any more into Panama by the time my parents got around to buy me one :'( I don't like Cinderella as much, but I like her personality. She's awfully nice <3

    I'm very, very good at puzzle games and platformers but anything else I'm a bad gamer. Good that someone is doing well
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