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  1. No, I've never seen Lamb Chops play along... Rememebr, Latin America, right??? We didn't get everything you saw up there! Too bad that you never got to watch Los Serrano (a pretty awesome Spanish sitcom about living with a big family, it means "The Serranos"). It was one of the things that made my childhood fun!

    And of course, Popular Mechanics for Kids! I lvoed that show!!! The North POle episode si deeply ingrained in my memory! It was so funny at the end when the girl sadi to the Inuit guy:

    "Well see you tomorrow!"
    *Inuit guy goes away in sled*
    "Wait a minute... OMG! it isn't tomorrow until another 6 months!! HELP! Somebody... Somebody come back please...!"


    So funny
  2. No, I'm not busy, I was trying to find Arthur in Latin American Spanish (technically it should be called "neutral Spanish with dialectal influences from Latin American Spanish, but never mind)... It somehow sounds better than the original. Somehow.

    Pikachus!!! Did you draw the Ashchu I posted the other time???

    Yes, they're all so awesome!!! I love Pichu! they're so cute and unruly! xD I pity the trainer who gets one...
  3. Yes!!! Arthur!!! I remember the song in Spanish as if it were yesterday!!!

    Ey! EY!
    Qué precioso el día de hoy,
    para jugar y aprender
    y compartir con tus amigos

    I can't find it on Youtube...

    O.o YEs, I hated pants, but I wore them out of necessity... This is getting eerie.

    Hereby I declare I've found my lost twin, 3 years apart, in the United States of America!

    And Yes, Barney always had very pretty rainbows, I never found out how they did them... This was before computer animation was ead cheap...

    Your dream sounds pretty cool and random XD
  4. *shows off my avatar on my account while i wait for my friend...*
  5. Yes, and the culbhouse and everything up with Barney!

    I wanted to meet Barney in person. And then mum had to pop my dreams and point out that I wouldn't be able to understand him because he spoke in English (I was 9 and I could only do small sentences and understand written things)... T-T
  6. Yes!!! And they had all kinds of cool songs on Sesame Street!!!!

    And Barney! I liked the one about the egg in the nest, the nest in the branch, the branch in the tree, etc.
  7. I'll be sure to Wow Wow Buzzy out some day.

    Man, my list of "to watch" things has been growing to a scary length!!! I need to get on that soon.
  8. I think Dora's face is the problem... She has a football-shaped face, which do not help at all. Diego is kind of more normal faced.

    Yes, our childhoods are eerily alike!!!

    And don't forget I'm an older sister, whereas you are a baby sister.

    I didn't have any cable at all O.o

    Well, at least until I was 7 and I moved to my grandparents house after my parents divorced because they had.

    In fact, I used to see The Busy World of Richard Scarry on national TV!!! It was a pretty popular kiddies shows. My firends tell me it sometimes has reruns...
  9. I've never heard before of Nobby Shop or the other one...

    Have you ever heard of Untalkative Bunny? I liked that one... And the narrator was made of win!

  10. I used to watch that also!!!

    And also The Triplets was pretty awesome (it was named Las Tres Mellizas in Spanish, which was kind of funny if you though about it because the name means "The Three non-fraternal twins". Pretty jarring xD)

    And lots of Teletubbies and Sesame Street...
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