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  1. The link didn't work anyways.. Haha. ^_^

    I loved Barbie<3. And no. D: I wasn't... much into girly v-games. More.. girly shows and toys. :3.

    I kinda wish I played them though. :l. I liked Barbie.com as a kid though, and played her games on there. . I also liked kelly's site. It was cute :].

    Oh, you did? Yay!!

    I went to regular school up til... last year. ~sighs~

    Well. I am a Disney fan NOW. Back then.. not really. BUT I was in love with that movie, Aristocats!! Too cute. My favorite Disney princess is either Aurora or... Belle. I really like how Disney made the princess stories more innocent than they were in the original fairy tales...... They were kinda dark, honestly. >.<.
  2. Yes I do read manga. More than I watch anime actually. Here's a list of a few manga i read or currently read.

    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
    Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
    Death Note
    DN Angel
    Fruits Basket
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Kamichama Karin
    Yu-Gi-Oh! R
    Bakuman (NOT Bakugan. :P)
    Kingdom Hearts (Yes, there was Manga^^)
    Full Metal Panic
    Gundam 00 (Second season.. i think..)
    Ao No Exorcist

    A few others...
  3. Oh, darn, his original was SO cool! .

    It's cruel, I know. It's part of the reason I left regular school.. :P.

    I am too, he's a real sweet kid! :3.

    I'm sorta falling away from guys nowadays... I'm almost certain if me and Chad break-up... he'd probably be the last guy I'd date. ~shrugs~ Unless like... Vinnie or Gaara or someone was a real person. XD. No one that awesome irl. Haha.

    I did see it, it was KAWAII. :].
  4. Chucky, Freddy, Jason, Micheal.... I like 'em all. Lol. My "dark" side. ^_^. Maybe that's weird Hidan comes from...?

    Ehhhh. Animal Crossing. Not so much. OMG. LOLLL!!!! You made me remember an inside joke from when me and mah fwiend Alli played that game. (Truffles... is.... a... LADY.)
  5. Haha, yes! ^____^.

    D'aww. He's kinda... creepy, yeah. But has a.. 'cute' look to him^^

    And okie dokie lokie!!!

    Same here, actually. I remember one year we had no money for my birthday cake.. So I gotta COOKIE! Lol. :3.
  6. It's kawaiiiiii! >w<. I liked the Heartless though, their 'simple' forms. I thought they were cute. NOBODIES ARE CREEPY. :L. >.<....

    Aww, really? Haha, I think that's adorable!! :3. I though he was cute.. but his VOICE was a major turn off for me. Lol.
  7. I know most the voice actors! Roxas was Jesse Mcartney, Sora was Haley Joel Osment (Sora sees dead people ! Lol, hope ya get the refrence...) Kairi was Hayden Whos-Last-Name-I-Cant-Spell... and Namine was Brittany Snow. Those are the only voice actors I know.. OH. Roxas was Quentin Flynn or something!)
  8. The original cartoon... Ermn. I think I had some DVDs, but.. I dunno. Never watched it as a kid. BUT one of the writes for MLP: Friendship is Magic was a writer for PPG. ^___^. Interesting, eh?

    I hardly remember my b-day gifts. Heh. But cool! I wanna buy a MLP toy sometime... .
  9. Yeah. I made an in-detail post of him in my blog. You should take a look!! :3. (It's my homepage, btw. >.>)

    Lol. None of my friends have ever fan-girled over Vinnie. :\. Only Cloud Strife........ He's hot. But... Idk. That's about it. XD. For me at least.

    It is. I always like the guys (well, usually) with a sad back story. Maybe it's coz I feel sympathy for them?? Or I admire they're strength to get through hard times? And they're REALLY cute<3. Tehe. ^_______^

    I thought he looked like Kyo from Fruits Basket. He does SORTA look like Light though, now thatcha mention it.
  10. I probably wouldn't have minded. On either of them. I fan-girl pretty hard IRL... Haha, just glad it doesn't annoy him. And Chels and I share the same love for most fictional guys (most the time.. Sasuke was one MAJOR difference. ~shudders~ He's.. so.. >.<. Yuck. Lol. Maybe that's what sets me aside from most Naruto girl fans. :l.)

    And really? You should look up Yuffie Kisaragi! . I... really like her at the moment... :]. She's a NINJA!<3. I love Ninjas. I wish I was one. XD.

    Me and Chad usually find the same fictional girls attractive... :3. Like Aqua. And Yuffie. And Meer. And Lacus.. And Meyran. ._. Maybe TOO many in common. Haha.
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