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  1. I dunno...

    Hello KItty is so dainty and nice, and Daniel is kind of rough... But yeah, Tippy and Mimmy FTW!!!

    Yes, Dora's eyes are scary. Maybe the English version is confusing, but the Latin American dub was very well crafted. You knew exactly what they were referring to.

    But anyway... I like her elder cousin better.
  2. Yeah!!! The world is pretty crazy out there!!!

    Well, they royally stink and you'd be better off with kiddies books.

    PS I used to watch also the cartoon about The Busy World of Richard Scarry, one of my favourite things EVER and I would watch it if it was still on TV

    Isn't it a cute cartoon? My favourite characters were the worm and the fox in the pic!
  3. I sed to watch Dora the Explorer upt to when I was 14 before it rot. And the first 4 episodes of Go! Diego, go!. Soem children's shows can be surprisingly entertaining. There was some show on Discovery Kids! about cubes. Cubix or something, which I used to see on the mornings. I also used to watch Rollie, Pollie, Ollie until I was 9 before going to swimming classes on Playhouse Disney.

    There's nothing to be ashamed about.
  4. Tippy and Mimmy would make a cute couple. Tippy looks so gentlemanly!!!

    You detest Twilight too? Meh. Thanks God. I think we can both write better than SMeyer.

    I read all the books, though, just to see what all the hype was about. I wasn't impressed. Although I kind of liked the first book's Jacob, sicne he was more reasonable but hten ()*()%*&()& SMeyer turned him into a jerk in the 2nd book because she realised that other wise there would be NO CONFLICT!!!

    Geez. She's not the best writer. Surprisingly enough, her non-Twilight book, The Host, is quite good. You should read it before they turn it into a god-awful movie.

  5. I didn't liked how the breed was portrayed in Lady and the Tramp either, but at least was a really sweet movie... I like the Tramp better than the Lady, though. He's just so clever!

    You used to watch Ghost Stories? I loved it!!! I think one of the most scary episodes was the one that involved the headless janitor... I think it was headless. Some former school janitor, at any rate.

    Yes, dogs make you want to hug them... They can be more dangerous, though.
  6. yayy!

    which brings us back to Hello Kitty.

    Who do you like best, HK or Mimmy? I liek mimmy better because she wears baby blue stripes... I know, pretty shallow reason to like a fictional character best.

    Take your pic!
  7. How abotu Siamese cats??

    They're so cute!!!

    I think, santa, rather than Russian Blue Cats being cute, they're the most... aristocratic breed out there. Siamese cats come pretty, close though, they're so elegant!

    I think the cutest breed might be the one you picked, the Maltese cats. They kind of look like Persian cats to me... Anyway, I'm not a cat connoisseur.
  8. Yes, I just love 'em!! Maybe because I cand of like being mysterious and foxy??

    MAltese cats are also very nice:

    Not exactly the most beautiful cat out there, but one of the cutest pics EVAR!
  9. yay!!!!

    I just had to say it...

    My favourite breed:

    Blue Russian cat!!
  10. Don't worry about the Lily. I hope you have answered my letter already

    Can I get an snap-shot of that dress up game plz?

    I get what you say... Ah, the dichotomy of cute and pretty! they kind of overlap, though...

    You can't argue my messages are long. They're compressed. I take half the visitor messages you do xD Not that I'm mad about it is fun to see how we clash.

    Really, you have some of the World Barbies...? OK, I'm officially jealous now.

    We can always hope, we can always hope. Besides, my grandparents travel a lot on a middle-class retirement pension from a 3rd world country, I can ask budget tips from them It can't be too hard if they manage...

    You can take Simba with you if I'm the one to come over. That's not too bad.
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