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  1. Hey, I understand. That's why I didn't say anything bad to you, I figured I would be glad if you're okay whether you still want to talk with m or not. I don't know how much you remember of our PMs and e-mails, but I did tell you some about my autistic uncle. Of course, you're not the same person as he is nor are you dealing with the same types of pressures and challenges, however, I get that meltdowns are things that happen. It helps a lot that I'm older and more mature now. Maybe it didn't seem like it, but back when we talked I was just 16, so I congess to feeling very hurt. I accept your apology, and I also want to apologise, because I should have known better and reached out to you.

    I'm very glad we're friends again, sweetie!
  2. Please read my message on my wall
  3. Some TMMS episodes that I really like are Movies, Amusement Parks, Travel, Sand & Surf & Malls.

    I support Miss Whoops & Mr. Bounce, Miss Scary & Mr. Nervous, and some others, but those 2 I really support.

    Did you know that The Mr. Men Show is on Youtube?
  4. Besides them sending me a generic response, they told me that it services had ended. I haven't responded to them to ask more questions, but they'll just give you a generic response (which I really hate getting).

    I've used the net since the 90s, so yeah.
  5. I have a severe issue with people raising heck over nothing. I could email you what I was told about HKO, but I rather not.
  6. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. When I went to reply back then the server more or less went down for a couple of days.
    Reading the conversation page I noticed that it was my Black/White DVD that my sister took after all.
  7. So, what have you been doing lately?
  8. He actually eats them?? I thought it was only temporary like in the games where he spits them far away! That sounds kinda violent for such a cute-looking character
  9. Its okay to dislike stuff, but overdoing it is problematic.
  10. It is funny! lol Another funny thing was when Pikachu got mad at me for not letting him play outside Ash's house because I wanted to stay inside the house and he went to the tissue box and started throwing tissues all over the room!

    I never had a Kirby game What are they about?
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