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  1. Bought http://store.steampowered.com/app/370600/ one day, when it was discounted for launch week. Seems to be the 3DS version as its the same company who did that version. http://scarabentertain.com/hello-kit...3D-racing.html

    COD WWII is said is going back to their roots. The actual war was way more violent than the video games. I tire of people who bash video games without actually playing them. Even one bashed HKO, but not getting into that.

    I own more Mature rated games, than I do of the other ratings, but it doesn't make me a violent person. On the other hand, I do use a lot of profanity, but this was due to movies and not games. I'm too occupied to watch movies or read books, but I do listen to explicit music.

    I got into Hello Kitty as I tried to buy a HK Fender Stratocaster years ago, but never did get one. I later got a stratocaster, but I don't really play much or at all.
  2. I do have COD Black Ops 1 & 2, Ghosts, along with Battlefield 3. 4, Hardline & Medal of Honor (2010) and Warfighter.

    Some of the games are duplicates, which are copies purchased for each system.
  3. I really like Melee! It's one of my favorite games! Too bad I could never actually buy it, only rent it but who knows, maybe some day I might be able to get it! I used to play as Pikachu a lot, I found him super cute, sometimes I'd play as Link or Zelda too since The Legend of Zelda is also one of my most beloved videogame series.

    I'd play Hey You Pikachu all day long when I was a kid. I remember there was a small garden in Ash's backyard and there were corn and carrots growing there. You could actually pick up some corn and if you made Pikachu annoyed he'd electrocute you and make popcorn! xD
    I really like Kirby! I think he's super cute!! I never got a videogame of him but I do have a little Kirby toy that spins around.
  4. Aggretsuko is me at times, except I don't do karaoke.

    HKO was getting dull after some years, plus I've moved on from the game. And support is being difficult when I ask about the game now. But no matter, I have 100-200 games to play.
  5. SDCC = San Diego Comic Con

    Sanrio goes there to show off things, along with other Conventions and stuff.

    Lately, I've been more into Aggrestuko than Hello Kitty.

    As for HKO itself, they told me the game was done.
  6. It was used for SDCC one year.
  7. It is!

    Let's talk more about the Mr. Men Show! (Since we started before but didn't really progress into the convo )
  8. Ooh, that sounds good!

    I don't really watch magical girl anime, but I usually watch random clips of it on Youtube to cheer me up.
  9. Serena(セレナ) is a beautiful girl. She want to be a Kalos Queen. I look like she love Ash(サトシ/Satoshi). Which do you like her short hair style or long hair style?
  10. I have Nintendo 64 (last time I tried to play it didn't work anymore, but I haven't checked it again...), a GameCube and a DSi XL.
    For the N64 I have Hey You, Pikachu!, Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Snap. I don't have any pokemon games for the GameCube but we would rent Super Smash Bros Melee sometimes and it has pokemon in it. And for the DSi XL I have White 1 and 2.
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