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  1. Santa long time no see How's it going? Good, I hope. Respond some time, I will very much like it ~ Epic.
  2. awwies<33333. i really really REALLY am sorry for not getting online as much. i'm going to make a Yahoo IM account soon for you guys so you can email/im with me. good idea? ^u^ thanks for the happy easter.. happy late easter to you, too!^__^ actually, i didn't get any easter candy, lol. instead my grandma gave me $100 to go to the mall with!!! ^0^ i bought some really neat stuff. ^__^ i'll try to get on again sometime tonight to talk to you, and give you my Yahoo account too. =3 take care.
  3. That's good
    Don't worry, be happy!!!! It was, and yours???

    Xo, Rey
  4. Look Santa I updated meh Mew profile pic!
    PS: Hello! Xoxo
  5. It doesn't really help that love is a very over-used word in English so this can cloud matters somewhat.

    How are you doing?
  6. I think the most straightforward difference between love and hate is how far are you ready to go for that person or to do something. People with love of adventure step out of planes (sky-diving). People who like adventure go kayaking. If my brother needed a kidney, I would give it to him voluntarily without missing a heartbeat, without being a corpse, because I love him. If it was merely an acquaintance I would think it over seriously.

    Between dislike and h-te it's the same thing, but in the opposite direction.
  7. That's the thing. I'm not being a drama queen. So, check list: my mum's having marital problems, we're tight on money so maybe we're not going to be able to pay my Uni, we have found out that the government won't pay my brother's Uni either, mum is depressed so she's gone on retail therapy (we're supposed to be saving!!!!) and I had a row with her over that and so on and so forth (it gets worse). When I described all this in my diary I christened it "the great Easter meltdown". Sh1t has gone down over here so fast. And sorry for the cuss.

    I don't like drama queens so believe when I say my life is a dear old mess, it's because it's a dear old mess. And probably worse. I do have a tendency to downplay things.

    fLOWERS ftw!!!!!!

    And finally I kow how to9 sya Papo in English: hibiscus. Thanks, I guess
  9. Santa, you're going to be the death of me. And that about not being best friends? That hurt, especially considering is mostly your fault and I, myself, took the time to explain and make ammends.

    It's not that I don't speak English wel (I'm aolmost perfect)l, is jusrt that since my native language is Spanish I do most of my thinking in Spanish even when talking/writing in English and some things just don't translate and errors & misunderstandings ensue. It doens't help when I read stuff in Spanish and try to explain it in English because then I'm thinking twice in Spanish and jsut translating (recalling the thing I read, paraphrasing it and then translating to English),.

    And, no, I didn't have a nice Easter. My life is such a mess right now *sighs* I would very much appreciate if we drop that topic.
  10. Ya sure kk Ya sunflowers r funny XD
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