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  1. my fave used to be Amy
    Bien gracias!!! Haha. My favorite scout...Hmmm...well I don't really have one. I like them all, except Jupiter, I'm not a huge fan of her. I'm most like Serena though lol. And i don't play alot of Pokemon. I used to watch the original show and I've played Diamond for DS but other than that...not that much Pokemon in my life haha. And rain?? LUCKY!!! I wish it'd rain. I love the rain. what's ur fav weather?
  2. heyyy i gtg. for bed. :L. you can keep posting if you'd like. niiight. -hugs-
  3. yeah, i'm glad that we are! :].

    and sorry.
  4. oh. thats nice! :3.

    i like hamsters. i wouldn't mind having one... little animals are really cute. :].
  5. i wouldn't mind being a preschool teacher, but.. yeah. i don't think i'm really the mother type. XD.

    i want a hamster if anything. i like small animals. lol... i have this weird obsession with little inanimate objects and stuffed animals, where i 'adopt' and name them. XD. i have sooooo many. then i pick one of my friends to be the 'father', which is usually alli. hehehe.

    yes, they are Misfit, Cuddles, Zombie, Kasper, and Princess. Misfit had some babies 2 weeks ago, but we haven't named any of them. they are SOO tiny! i wish cats would stay that little fooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrrrr(lol pinkie pie).
  6. if i were to get a pet when i move out, i'd get.. a hamster! tehe. and my mom never liked animals either. we had some cats, but those were always her boyfriends. :L.
  7. we have lots of cats. none of them are really 'mine'. i don't bug them or anything, so they like me.

    i like them. when i move we're not having any pets whatsoever. and really? awesome!!

    i don't want kids of my own. ._.
  8. welcome back! :].

    yeah, i don't really use photo editors. chels does, ALL the time. -.-

    it's all really pretty. thanks again! <3.
  9. school was alright, most of my weekly assignments are already done, so yay!

    i spent a lot of time talking to Chad<3. :]. we had a lot of fun, and i even met one of his friends. (he gave him my number). i got lots of birthday wishes from my irl friends and my chatroom friends, which was really nice. talked to chels ealier for a bit, and cleared up our plans for this weekend. movie and arcade. WOO! we need to bring her older brother for the movie part; the one we're seeing is rated R. i had a great dinner (chicken, pasta, and corn) with some chips, ice cream, and of course cake to snack on. we also even got soda! (lol). she bought some candy, but that's for tomorrow. :]. i heard from my aunt, great uncle, and my mom (surprisingly!) and got a happy birthday from them, too. my mom even had my little 2 year old brother say Happy Birthday. it was sooooo cute.
  10. i really never bothered with computer art. -shrugs- oh well.

    and i still say i loved it. . :3.

    sure, hehe. (its hard typing with my kitty biting and nudging my arms and hands XD)

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