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  1. Neither!!! I know the storylines, though!

    I tend to watch more gore stuff and read the heartwarming stuff....
  2. Niceee!!!!!

    Youshould send pics of that also... Btw, the dress I was wearing in those pics was the one I was talking to you about!!!!
  3. Oh pshh Lolz. I do that sometimes, sorry >w<.

    Thanks. And awwww >.<.
  4. Sorry

    For some reason google chrome seems intend on sending me back to the Main page (google) so I have been bttling with the computer for quitea while.

  5. I'll get some of them from her :3

    And alright, fun!^^
  6. Aww... Well, I hope you do get all better soon, :].

    And yes, she is.

    And wow

    ^_^ Lolz, I liked the way you said that XD. "walking ball of cuteness"

    I'd see if she'd be willing but I doubt she'd make an account. She's not much of a Sanrio fan, though when she was little she was, she has tons on Hello Kitty kitchen appliances, plushies, toys, stickers, colouring books, etc.. XD
  7. My friend Alli likes to make up her own Pokemon x3.

    EHMAI. I also had a fan-fic where Gaara was the main character.. Haha, I used to be obsessed with him. I might post my fan-fics on my blog, if I can ever get around to editing them.. Heh^^.

    I think I used to watych Kirby when I was little.. I like Meta Knight and the Waddle Dees.

    You already know my favorite Pokemon; my best friend is in love Pikachu.

    And thank you!
  8. And pshh >.<. Depression is terrible.. I have to take meds because I'm highly prone to depression and anxiety (stuff that happened when I was younger, and I'm glad your better now!)

    Yup, I'm 13, 14 in September. I'm younger than all my friends, yet I'm the tallest of the group XD. Rainbowsss<333

    And anything that has to do with babies is awesome, especially baby cats, ducks, and bunnies. They're just way too kawaii >w<.

    (yeah she is, the first person to talk to me on here, I think :3. She's really nice. :].)
  9. D'aww okay.

    (>.<) Yeah, cats can be mean sometimes.. I have the scars to show it, Lulz. -.-"

    I have a ton of Naruto stuff, mostly plushies and posters, I'm thinking about buying an Akatsuki cloak and a Ninja headband :3. I cosplayed as Kiba before, 3 times I think... I also have a few fan-fics.. My made up character is Suki.(I dressed up as her for Halloween.. XD)

    From what I've seen on your profile and ur posts in the forums you seem to like Pokemon... a lot. x3.
  10. here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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