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  1. Okay, sounds good. I'll keep an eye on my inbox.

    "Walrus" is funny, but wow- out there! XD I used to like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" then I heard what it was supposed to mean, now I'm like. O__o;;

    Yeah, it's fine to mention that. I bet anyone would feel a bit odd if that happened on a regular basis. Woof.

    I've actually got a small pot of lavender growing in my room. XD I'm a hopeless gardener, but they're pretty hardy.(thankfully) What kinds of flowers did you used to have?
  2. Pinkie Pie is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! I LOVE her! I considered making my cutie mark a shiny bellossom at first, lol! And yes, I do have a shiny bellossom! Her name is Meadowsong A friend actually caught a shiny oddish and transferred her to me for a birthday present! It was one of the coolest presents eeeeeevaaaaaar. I'd love to see the pink photobucket thing btw

    and I've been doing well! how about you?
  3. nothin it just came to my mind>
  4. I sent you an email.
  5. Thanks!!!
  6. Yeah, they were. I like "Yellow Submarine". XD

    Uh, sorry. I mean, I hope I haven't... you know, said any. If I do, um.. well, it's okay to let me know, if you can, and I'll avoid them. I don't know much about non physical phobias. Anything I can do to help?

    Your email name has an unfriendly origin? Um, could you tell me what you mean? It's fine to email it to me, if you like.

    Hope you're having a good day.
  7. Clefairy to Nidoking... now that is one heck of an evolution. Kinda like going from a bunny rabbit to Godzilla. XD Craziness.

    That's great and all, but I just stopped with catching all the ones I thought were cool. Rattata? Who needs one? But Spearow? Oh, you'd better BELIEEEEVE I'mma catch that!

    I think they did too, but I'm not all up on Beatles history, you know? Kinda on the topic, do you have any favorite music or artists?
  8. Glitchy Charizard? That's one I've never heard of... Wow... it's amazing there were so many glitches in the first three games, but it's kinda cool to learn about. XD And it can evolve into two completely separate pokemon! That's hilarious!

    The Beatles all have kinda long hair, but for some reason it reminds me of them.

    Really, completing such a task is kind of a reward in itself. So I can see why you'd do it. You crazy super-catcher-people. XP

    Aw thanks, you're fun to talk with, also.
  9. do you wanna be fweindz?
  10. um... how do i make a blog entry?
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