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  1. Cute things are just.. amazing! Anything from flowers to animals to kids to toys. <33333333. ^_^.

    I wasn't leaning more to girls until the 3rd grade. Something... I don't wanna post for everyone to read happened when I was about to leave 2nd grade. So then I hated guys. I stopped that.. after 5 years of therapy. Ha. :P.

    D.W... I kinda liked her. I liked Buster though. Bunnies ARE my favorite animal afterall. And dinosaurs. (Rawwwwr<3 ^_^)
  2. I remember playing the pillow fight one!! Awesome! . I was more obsessed with them than barbie. Should I tell you about my obsession..?

    Dresses are cute. I don't wear them much anymore.

    I liked my shadow. I was a lonely little kid, too shy to make friends... So... I called her my twin and talked to her.. :P. Weird. I remember crying one time when I couldn't find my shadow. There was also this time when I talked to the MOON. And my toys. I pretended they all loved me and I was like their princess. It made me feel... important, maybe?

    I'm glad you like them!^^ I never really wanna pursue art as my profession though. I really wanna be a preschool teacher. Little kids.... are so CUTE!<3.

    I wear a lot of dark colours and patterns nowadays. So most all my clothes go together, not much really put into what I wear. I like drawing on my shoes with sharpie, though. I can make them super duper cute. >w<.
  3. They really all. XD. Bad trolls..

    I bet they're pretty. I wish I could see sometime!^^

    I like Roses, and chyranthesums or however you spell it. Tulips and sunflowers are pretty as well.^^

    Nope, no idea. I liked Caillou, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Cyberchase, Dragon Tales, Teletubbies, Arthur, Curious George, Between the Lions, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, and Sesame Street.

    I should tell you about my naruto fanfic. My character's name is Kanashii, she's a ninja from the hidden sand village^^ She's.. got a dark past and is kinda cruel at first, but softens up. :3.

    Poe is pretty morbid. I like it though. Better than any scary movie^^

    I LOVED MADELINE. And the big comfy couch. and the bear in the big blue house!!XD :3.
  4. I told my grandma that I felt I could increase my academic preformance and I'd feel more comfortable. Seeing as I'm the only person in my family that has the potential, will, and want to graduate and do something in life.. she agreed. ^___________^.

    I.. dunno. Public school was bothersome. XP.

    And I know watcha mean, I have friends like that.

    And don't worry. Don't listen to those.. brats. Seriously, that's what they want. Don't let 'em have what they want! Dang trolls.... Yes. I refer to them as trolls. (I can troll well though. I don't usually. Only jokingly with friends or such. Though trolling cleverbot... LOL. Cleverbot.. :3.)

    I didn't care if it was a girl or boy, as long as it was a GOOD game.^^

    I like Princess Peach.... I... kinda think... her and Zelda... are cute together... :P

    I had a t-shirt. WOOT.

    Mine was nickjr.com LOL. They had great games. Ummm... PPG??? Maybe. I dunno. Haha.
  5. Awwww I'm sowwy.... :[. Hey, maybe I can make ya something! I'm pretty great at drawing!^^

    I haven't been eating much lately... :P.

    I liked carebears in 2nd grade. I have an original carebear, from when they first came out. It was my mom's when she was a kid.

    I don't think I had any MLP toys. I had.. more stuffed animals.

    I liked tutu's.... XDDDDD. I just thought they were gorgeous. And I liked dresses.. I felt so pretty in them! I liked swishing them... And I had thought my shadow looked... cute... when I had a dress on. (I am so STRANGE. XD.)

    I wear footless tights all the time :P with a skirt over top. Most skinny jeans now. And pajama pants.
  6. Lauren Faust sounds.. inspiring^^

    Eh. Creepyish. XD. I didn't like the way they moved. But I like how complex Nobodies can get. (The orginazation for example.. and Namine^^)

    Oh, well, my favorite writer is pretty dark, too. Edgar Allen Poe.
  7. I love Yuffie<3.. She's ADORABLE in Crisis Core. :3.

    Well, she does less and less now. Just.. idk. I'll get over it eventually^^

    I like little kid shows!! Wow Wow Wubbzy, Yo Gabba Gabba, Max and Ruby, Wonder Pets, Little Bear, The Backyardigans, Oswold, Nihao Kailan, Dora the Explorer.... :3. Fun to watch^^

    I loved PBS kids. It's all I had watched for a time
  8. Oh, I already know. I don't listen to anyone I don't agree with anyways. ~shrugs~ Why would I? I don't wanna change. Not for anyone. I am who I am and will always be that way. ^_______^ I've really always believed that. And what could be dark about cute, innocent things? It just really doesn't make sense, at all.

    I like flowers. . I have a garden I used to plant flowers in^^

    And I don't. I usually fight back. Or just laugh. (They can sound SO dumb sometimes.)
  9. Lol, I think so. I guess I have the best of both worlds, eh? XD!!

    I don't get people who are like that. They just... Idk. I just call 'em ************************. XD. I don't care much for people who tell me my ways are wrong and theirs are right. I wanna keep my individuality. And uniqueness. I'm my own person. Not anyone else. I'd be a sell out. And fake. I don't want that.
  10. Yeah. I had a lot of issues at my old school... drama... fights... being bullied...

    I'll check into it! ^_^

    (No. I have depression, anxiety, ODD, ADHD, and anger management problems. Heh. I'm not an EXPLOSIVE type... I'm and IMPLOSIVE type. It's where when I get angry and bottle it up and keep getting angry and angrier until on little thing sets me off and... yeah. I can get.. violent... and mean...... :[.)

    I like the Dudou. I used to have the Pokemon's card, actually.
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