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  1. But anyways. I think 'manly men' are pretty...boring.

    My heart belongs to Ash Ketchum now.

    This is gonna be forever too (even if i DO end up with a real guy through some dumb luck. but like i'd want that anyways...)

  2. ....

    Don't you think your over re-acting a bit?


    I doubt they'd really care at all...

    Its not like Satan's on the cover or anything.

  3. One thing i really like about hello kitty is she tends to encourage me to think more optimisticly.

    I guess I kinda like looking to her for that kind of encouragement, because she's a sweet symble...and it'd admirable how innocent she is too.


    ...explaining myself is tricky. .-.; i just am who i am i guess.

    Are you a pokemon fan?...


    ...i tend to ask everyone that (nowdays anyways. it can feel pretty..strange...*ahem*)*COUGH* lol..*heh**shrug*

  4. Good you didn't think i was making fun of you! I don't think i was trying to anyways.

    I'm guessing your a guy then?

    Its kinda strange...no 'boys' seem to go on this forum.

    I don't really understand why society works that way :/ I guess they just can be really quiet about liking the stuff..haha...

    But if your a guy and go on here, you got all my respect, ya know.

    I really feel gender stereo types need to be outlawed one day, anyways...the idea of them just sickens me too much....but i rather not think about it really x_X;

    BTW, that drama aside...I hope you are well today^^ (i'm alright, though there may be a storm tonight...but it's gna be okay i think^^ well hopefully. i'm gonna try to be possitive about it!*lol*)
  5. Oh, I just stumbled on your profile and decided to give you a friendly hello^^ :].
  6. I like your avatar^^ its soo cute >w<;
  7. Is your last name Valentine? :O...

    (sorry about the joke, vincent valantine..final fantasy 7 charry....:[)

    I'm friendly. Don't mind me!^^ (wanna be friends?^^)
  8. Hello! :3.
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