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  1. Happy Fourth of July!
  2. Yes, I had. To just see the Winter Olympics only.
  3. I couldn't resist saying, California is awesome! And I miss it soooo much!
  4. But...! But it's like Tom & Jerry! The point is that Roadrunner can't be caught! Although I think they should make an especial where the Roadrunner gets eaen, so there's at least one time the Coyote wins, because sometimes Roadrunner can be such a jerka$$, so mean to poor Coyote! Sometimes I just wanna cuddle him.

    (I should have said stay up late snce I was 9 stuck like a leech to the computer. Nevermind.)

    Yesh, overprotective!!! >_< I'd like to have a mum like you. Your mum is like a cousin's mum. I remember there was a time when I was little where I nagged my cousin to breach the topic with her mum so she would adopt me. Lol. Little kids are funny
  5. Im good Just busy^^
  6. It's not that my mother doesn't trust me. She does. She even let me stay up late (like 11 pm or so) stuch like a leech to the computer and trusted me not to look at p0rn. Or to have better judgement than to enter to an adult site. I've been dressing myself since I was 7 and she has trusted me this far to not make a mess of it. That's how much she trusts me. I'ts just that she doesn't trust everybody else... Especially here, where teenagers are a bit... wilder (that must be the understatement of the century).

  7. I prefer Daffy Duck becasue his one-liners are smarter, but Bugs Bunny's traps are cleverer. My favourites ever are Coyote and Speedrunnee and Woody Woodpecker. They're the best! Duck Dodgers a while back was OK, although not as funny as Daffy Duck. For something more action-oriented, I really, really liked Loonatix (I don't know why it caused a controversy in the States. It's not like it ws Bugs Bunny himself & Co.) O.o I'm actually kind of surprised I know all these names in English! (as you may have guessed I watched all those in Spanish).
  8. .............................................
  9. Pretty funny actually, onsidering it was born in the Stetes. It's like Speedy Gonzalez, it's very popular in Latin America (I love him! And El Lento Rogdrígez too! —I think his English name was Slowspoke Rodríguez...—).

    My mum is overportective too, but it's not becaue she doesn't give me my space (not that I particularly mind that, we are very tight-knit). It's just that she doesnt give me permission to go out often, it's not like I'm going to get piss-drunk like young people here. That's not proper of a lady (my family is somewhat old-fashioned and I guess I'm a little, too).
  10. Yeah, along with Cartoon Network. They're so popular, in fact, that a random youtuber did a hilarious video comparing Cartoon Network shows ads in USA vs the ads they do for Latin America. We get the cooler ads A few years ago there were ads of Tom&Jerry in car chases and all that.

    No, you don't (don't be sad). That's not what I meant!!! It's a cultural difference, you know? You say 18-year-olds are still teenagers. To us Panamanians that is ridiculous. An 18-year-old is an adult. We consider oruselves to be adults.It's kind of like... To me, it's perfectly OK to drop everything I'm doing or my plans for the evening if my mum needs help; but for USA and British people it's taboo because parents ought to give their older kids "their space" and not be too overbearing. My friends can't understand why I'm perfectly OK with that, even though I can understand why they're not OK with it.

    It's interesting, don't you think?
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