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  1. Hello Sparkle Star!! How are you?
  2. Kitty-chan, how did you make an alternate account?
  3. Hi guys, I will be on my alternative account. -.- Due to.... problems on sparkle_star@hellokitty.com.
  4. Looks like I'm NOT the only one who noticed that everyone lower than Rank B was blocked.
  5. Huh? I posted a really long message on your profile and it's not showing up! O.o I spent half an hour typing that! >.<

    Meh, whatever. I'm not gonna type all that all over again. -_-'
  6. You know the question I asked in the previous post? You can forget about that one. I created one in Broa after I remembered that you had a Battle Mage there. Yesterday I went to a trip, and I got dizzy. I couldn't really concentrate on what I was thinking...

    I actually made a Wild Hunter instead. I realize that I like Magicians AND Bowmen. I have to worry about running out of arrows (Mercedes doesn't have to worry about that), but other than that, it's pretty interesting. Well, the Resistance is interesting, anyways.
  7. Lol, street sweepers?

    I'm also more of a solo player. However, if someone invites me to a party, then I'll probably accept their invitation.

    I forgot to tell you this, but I think I can fight Treglow now. I felt like doing other quests before fighting Treglow, since you and Momoko-chan had a hard time doing him solo. I'm on the quest where it says to test out the chemical potion. I haven't fought him yet, though.

    I said I was planning to create some Resistance characters, but I don't even know which world to put them in. I think I might save Windia for future classes. Any suggestions?
  8. Lol maybe ardillons just don't like to give up their cards. XD

    Oh, and I was looking at your older blog posts. Magical Pets is over a year old now! We could have had an event for the first anniversary of Magical Pets on June 8th! Too late now I guess but that would have been cool.
  9. sorry school ate me. i managed to escape.
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Whoa! It's been a long time since I last updated this. O_O
Hello! I am sparkle_star. ^_^ I am a person who's friendly and active on Sanriotown and someone who's going to leave on December 26th. :( I am also a random person who is random at random times. XP XD I like writing stories and I'm currently writing a story on my blog (it's a HKO related story).
I play online games. I play Hello Kitty Online, Bearville, Club Penguin and MapleStory. Out of those games, I play on Hello Kitty Online and MapleStory the most. :) But I still play Bearville and Club Penguin. ^^
Have a nice day, everyone and follow the forum rules please.
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I'm going to leave. I might visit again, so I'm leaving this signature as it is.
Leaving Date (confirmed): December 26, 2013
HKO Ingame name: Kitty_12

I play on both servers. Need any help? Well, you can ask me for help! ^_^ I also play on Club Penguin and Bearville.

However, I don't always use Kitty_12~ sometimes, you can find me playing my alt account. *wonders if I should tell my al- oh, I'll just tell.

Alt Account ingame name: -Madoka-


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