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  1. I tried out the evolution system, and I saw the Resistance members in their hideout. They certainly look interesting.

    I mean, who would expect a doctor to be the Resistance's leader, a police officer to be the Wild Hunter Instructor, a person in a teddy bear costume handing out balloons to children to be the Mechanic Instructor, and a janitor or sweeper to be the Battle Mage Instructor?

    I think the storyline looks interesting. I might try out one of the classes, but I have no idea what world to put them in.

    Oh, and I think Windia's a bit more popular than Broa. The bars that show how many people were in each channel were fuller...
  2. When the Luminous that invited me to Monster Park Extreme (I mentioned him before) attacked, there were SO many numbers! 0.0 I decided to take some screenshots of it.

    Yes, I knew about creating characters on other worlds. They're like the servers in HKO, except that they have channels and HKO doesn't. I'm thinking of creating all my Resistance characters on another world. 1 Battle Mage, 1 Wild Hunter, and either a Xenon or Demon.

    Btw, I remember you said you chose Bera because your brothers chose that world. What was the reason for choosing Broa for your Battle Mage?
  3. Congratulations on reaching 4th job on your Kanna! (That was really quick. 0.o)
  4. Yeah, I heard about RED. I think the Bowmen are already revamped, too, if I'm not mistaken. I also heard that the Explorers are getting storylines in RED, too!

    I forgot to tell you that I deleted CrystalAlina when I created my Luminous, because I kinda messed up by putting points in LUK, which I found out was useless because the secondary stat requirements for equipment had been removed when Tempest came out, and there's no storyline.

    Yeah, Luminous is a bit OP (overpowered). A Luminous invited me to a party when I was doing Monster Park Extreme. That's when I noticed that they do quite a large amount of damage (probably not as much as Kaiser or Angelic Buster). It takes a Luminous to defeat the toad in Sakura Castle 1 or 2 minutes?! I think it took my lvl 90-ish Kanna more time that to defeat it...

    Honestly, I don't really care about how much damage Kanna can do, though. As long as I'm having fun (which I am), I'm satisfied! I mean, that's whole point of a game, right? ;D
  5. Oh, I kept forgetting to tell you this:
    I made a Luminous just before the last day they were available. I'm not sure I like it, because dark and light magic seem....unoriginal. I've heard about light and dark so many times before. However, the story seems interesting...
  6. I see...So you made the mascot related to the guild name. Interesting!
  7. I heard Xenon and Demon Avenger (not Demon Slayer) are going to be available during the Unleashed update. I don't think I'll actually make either of them, because I'm more of a "prefers magic" person. I heard the interface is getting revamped. I wonder what it's going to look like...
  8. Lol you sure love challenges don't you?

    Beat him again yesterday... got Komodo's Tears, the same thing as before.

    I made the veggie pizza. I'm going to get tokens by doing that repeatable quest that Pochi gives each day, and try whenever I get the ingredients I need. I've been low on money since I bought that qualilative greasing, so I'm just barely managing to keep my plants alive and to keep my pets from going hungry. Buying a pizza guide was difficult.
  9. I was wondering about something:

    What was the reason for choosing the awesome Little Twin Stars as the mascot of the guild? ^.^
  10. Yup. I was originally making chicken salad waffles, but that's much more difficult to make. I beat the fierce komodo lizard once already, but I didn't get the item I needed.

    Thanks. ☺☻☺
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